Elwood police officer killed: Who is Carl Roy Webb Boards? Motive Explained

who is Carl Roy Webb Boards

After an officer in Elwood was shot, there was a police chase that ended at 2:45 a.m. with an arrest. Let’s see who is Carl Roy Webb Boards.

What happened to the Elwood police officer?

The Madison County Prosecutor’s office reports that a traffic stop resulted in the shooting and death of an Elwood police officer early on Sunday morning.

Because family have not yet been informed, the name of the officer has not been disclosed.

Who is Carl Roy Webb Boards?

Carl Roy Webb Boards II, 42, of Anderson, according to chief deputy prosecutor Andrew Hanna, was detained in relation to the incident. Boards was taken to the Hamilton County jail, where he will be prosecuted as a chronic offender with murder with a firearm enhancement.

When the police officer killed?

According to ISP detectives, a traffic stop was being conducted by an Elwood police officer shortly after 2:00 a.m. on Sunday near the junction of State Road 37 and County Road 1100N in Madison County.

Why did Carl Roy hit a police officer?

Unknown reasons led to the suspect getting out of the car and opening fire, at least once hitting the officer.

The suspect then drove away from the location.

The cop was taken to Ascension St. Vincent Mercy in Elwood before being flown to a hospital in the Indianapolis vicinity.

Soon later, the cop was declared deceased. Police have not yet disclosed the officer’s identify.

What are the significant criminal history board have?

Hanna stated that after reviewing the evidence, the prosecutor’s office will consider seeking the death penalty. Boards have a significant criminal history, which includes a 2006 conviction for pointing a firearm at officers of the Indianapolis Police Department.

According to Madison County Sheriff Scott Mellinger, the inquiry is being carried out by Indiana State Police.

After a chase close to the border between Hamilton and Marion counties, he claimed Boards was apprehended. Boards might not be sent back to Madison County, but rather remain in the Hamilton County jail, according to Mellinger.

In reference to the incident, the sheriff remarked, “You move from prayer to anger.”

In this occurrence, an Elwood police officer was slain while doing official duties for the second time. Attending July 1, 1932, Willard S. VanHorn was fatally shot while on the scene of a break-in.

Officer Frank Levy of the Anderson Police Department was the final full-time local law enforcement official to pass away while on the job in Madison County in 1935.

Henry Hall, an auxiliary Anderson police officer, was killed in a car attack in 1957. Roy Jones, a trooper with the Indiana State Police, was killed in a car accident in 1979 while responding to a call for help.


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