Angel Correa Mother’s Death: How did Marcela Martinez die? Cause of death explained


 Angel Correa Mother's Death: How did Marcela Martinez die? Cause of death explained

Àngel Correa has lost his mother: Atlético player Angel Correa’s mother died following a prolonged illness. Keep reading this post to know what happened to her and Marcela Martinez cause of death.

What happened to Angel Correa’s Mother?

A world champion from Argentina’s national team suddenly overshadowed all the commotion and lingering joy of winning the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Àngel Correa has been going through a difficult time since he suffered the death of his mother this Thursday. 

Atlético de Madrid, the team for which Correa plays, announced the news on their website with an official statement.

“Today is a sad day for the rojiblanca family. Atlético de Madrid mourns the death of Marcela Martínez, mother of our player, Ángel Correa. Our president, CEO, board members and all employees want to express our sincere condolences and we join the pain of family and friends.” And it was also announced that the team “Will play this Sunday’s match in Vallecas against Rayo Vallecano with the black bracelets in memory”. The 28-year-old player’s mother was going through a complicated illness.

Marcela Martinez cause of death

After a protracted battle with cancer, Marcela Martnez, the mother of Athletic Madrid player Ángel Correa, passed away. Our Condolences go to him and the family. 

Saint Lawrence, also addressed himself on social media:

“We accompany Angelito and his whole family in this moment of so much pain. Always with you, champion! Lots of strength!”.

After overcoming two competitor defenders and defining against a pure grazing stick in Atlético del Cholo Simeone’s final game against Betis, Correa scored a tremendously huge goal to give his team the 1-0 victory. Later, he gave his mother the dedication.

Correa’s Challenging Life

Correa has endured a challenging life since he was a little child and this is yet another setback. He lost his father when he was ten years old, and a sibling passed away two years later.

At the peak of his career, after losing the championship to Juan Antonio Pizzi at San Lorenzo and being traded to Atlético for roughly 8 million euros for 60% of his transfer, the Madrid doctors discovered a coronary anomaly in his review: a benign tumor that required open heart surgery in New York. Everything went smoothly, and six months later he was able to make his European debut.

In the Rosario neighborhood of Las Flores, where Angel grew up with his family, his older brother Luis Martnez passed away in 2017 at the age of 25. After winning the Final with the national team the previous year, Angel was forced to have another heart operation because his artificial heart had dislocated. He could immediately return because the procedure was simpler.

Correa was continuously put through his paces as he grew up in a lowly setting. He once said that he lost some pals to a stray bullet as a young lad because they were in the wrong spot.

This world champion in Qatar is currently experiencing sorrow firsthand once more, but he has already sought solace in the arms of his wife Sabrina di Marzo, and his three kids, Lola, Luz, and Lia.

In March 2020, Correa posted on social media that he had shaved his head to be with his mother while she battled a life-threatening disease.

Angel Correa of Atletico Madrid shaves his head in order to help his cancer-stricken mother.

In an effort to help his mother, Marcela Martinez, who is battling cancer, Atletico Madrid player Angel Correa has gone bald. Angel Correa, who was rumored to be leaving Atletico Madrid in the January transfer window, shared a photo of his new appearance with his mother on his official Instagram account.

Angel Correa, who lost his father at the early age of 10, was earlier quoted saying, “My father died when I was a boy and the money I earned through playing football was the only income we had – it went towards feeding my brothers, my mum and me.”


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