How did Ali spice die? TikTok star Car Accident & cause of death Explained


How did Ali Dulin die? TikTok star Car Accident & cause of death Explained


Ali Dulin, also known as Ali Spice, @alidxo on TikTok, and @alidspicexo on Instagram, has passed away. Let’s see what happened to her and Ali Spice cause of death.

What happened to Ali Spice?

Ali Dulin, also known as Ali Spice, @alidxo on TikTok, and @alidspicexo on Instagram, has passed away. Her friends and family confirmed that she had passed away.

On Monday, December 12, 2022, sources claim that Ali Dulin was engaged in an automobile accident in Tampa, Florida, caused by a drunk driver. Ali supposedly sustained severe injuries, which led to her demise. There are currently no specifics about the events leading up to the incident, but investigations are still ongoing.


Words cannot express our grief for her passing as we mourn with family and friends over this important loss. After publishing videos on the platform, the TikTok celebrity soon gained popularity, and she was able to do the same on Instagram.

Several people were shocked when it was reported that she had passed away on December 12.

Ali Spice cause of death

In a message that said, “Heartbroken doesn’t even begin to define how I feel right now…,” Ali’s friend Ariane Avandi verified the news. Ali, you are one of the most alive, gorgeous on the inside and out, sincere, and loving beings I’ve ever had the honor of knowing.

You are a wonderful friend, as well as a very gifted and passionate woman. I’ll never forget the difference you made in everyone’s lives by simply being YOU! Laine Farrell, another Ali friend, wrote: “Can’t believe this honestly.

We are both Scorpios with a common birthday who are crazy about pink, kittens, and Hello Kitty. YOU JUST BECAME 21. The world is crazy. Her mother also honored her by sharing several pictures online.


Who was Ali Spice?

Ali Spice, a Georgian-born TikTok celebrity, gained popularity on the app for sharing short videos by posting dance and lip-sync videos.  Her posts typically included videos of her dancing with her coworkers and stories about her life as a Hooters waiter.

She had over 200,000 followers on TikTok, as well as a consistent fanbase on Instagram and Twitch, where she frequently broadcast.

Ali was highly active on Instagram in addition to TikTok and had been publishing frequently there. On Twitch, she was also very active and frequently streamed. Overall, Ali balanced her time between working at Hooters and being a social media influencer.

Ali Dulin’s final Instagram post

Ali Dulin’s last Instagram post was on December 5 where she can be seen posing in a net black top and red shorts. She can be seen sporting white headphones. She wrote in the caption, “Pretty bitch pretty heart pretty mind, used to the side eyes used to the haters & used to the life.”

Internet users respond to Ali Spice’s passing

All across social media, internet users and followers of the TikTok star have sent their condolences and expressed their shock and confusion at the news of her passing.

She was referred to as an “inspiration” and the “sweetest spirit” by others who voiced their sorrow and heartbreak.  Since the influencer just turned 21, the news came as a shock.  The absence of official confirmation of her death led to bewilderment among the populace.

The following are some remarks made on Twitter:



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