Alain Dremiere dies from suicide, What happened to RTBF Journalist? Cause of death and obituary

Alain Dremière
Alain Dremière

Alain Dremière, the chief of the RTBF’s digital news division, died on February 15, 2023. Let’s see, how did Alain Dremière die and his cause of death in detail.

How did Alain Dremière die?

Alain died last on Tuesday night after jumping from the tenth floor of the broadcaster’s offices.  Dremière was 44 years old and had worked for the RTBF since 2004.

A coworker discovered Dremière near the public broadcaster’s office building in the municipality of Schaerbeek. He had been out on sick leave for a while.

What happened to Alain Dremiere?

The journalist, Alain committed suicide at the broadcaster’s office. The circumstances surrounding his death were unknown.

RTBF woke up in shock on Wednesday after the death of journalist Alain Dremière, which occurred early yesterday evening. Alan, the “digital” editor-in-chief, allegedly killed himself by jumping from the 10th floor of RTBF in Reyers.

The public broadcaster has also indicated that a psychosocial unit has been established for those employees who are having to cope with the tragedy.

Those in need of a listening ear or with any questions about suicide can contact the Suicide Line anonymously on the toll-free number 1813 or at in Dutch, at 0800 32 123 in French, or at 02 648 40 14 in English.

Who was Alain Dremière?

Dremière was a journalist for RTBF. He was a Chief editor at Digital News, RTBF. Dremière began working with RTBF in 2004 and has since held a variety of responsibilities, most recently overseeing the digital content in Brussels. He previously worked with the Charleroi team.

The RTBF released a statement in response to the incident. The statement stated, “In the face of this tragedy, the time has come to reflect and to mourn,” the statement read, “both for his family and out of respect for all who knew him.”

“Faced with this tragedy, it is time for meditation and sadness, both for his family and out of respect for all that he was,” we said officially on Wednesday. “A psychological cell has been opened for the staff”, further explains Axelle Pollet, head of corporate communication.

Alain Dremiere cause of death:

Alain Dremiere cause of death was suicide. Volunteers from the Suicide Prevention Center can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0800-32.123, anonymously and free of charge.

For a psychological crisis consultation or support for bereavement after suicide, you can make an appointment at 0491-37.06.72.


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