After NEET exam results what to do next, Three ways

NEET exam results are released on October 16

NEET exam results


NEET exam results are released today (16-10-2010).

The results of the NEET exam (Phase 2) written by students across India (Phase 1) on September 12 and the NEET re-examination (Phase 2) written on 14-10-2020 by students who were unable to write the exam due to COVID- 19 infection and are in isolated areas are to be released today.

The NEET exam results will be announced on the National Testing Agency’s website by 4 pm today.

Earlier it was announced that the NEET exam results will be released on October 12.

But on a petition filed by those unable to write the NEET exam due to COVID- 19 pandemic, the esteemed Supreme Court ordered the NTA to conduct the NEET re-examination.

It was therefore announced that the NEET Phase 2 examination would be held on October 14 and the NEET examination results were postponed.

Anyway as the NEET exam results are being released today, one idea that everyone has in mind is what to do after the NEET results. Here at Medico topics we have explained about the three ways you can choose to take after the NEET exam results are released.

 Three ways after NEET results

1. Joining MBBS


NEET exam results, if it is as you thought it means if your mark will get the medical college you want or any government medical college then luck is on your side. The hard work you put in has paid off.

NEET counselling 2020 after NEET exam results

For All India Quota,

Counselling Procedure will be released by Medical Counselling Committee after the announcement of the NEET results. Online counselling will be held. To apply and participate,

  1. You have to register online in MCC website.
  2. During Phase 1 counselling you will be advised to make choice filling for your wishing colleges.
  3. According to your marks, seats will be allocated.
  4. Likewise Phase 2 and 3 will be conducted.

For State Quota,

Counselling procedure will be announced by the respective Directorate Medical Education after the declaration of NEET results. In most of the states counselling is an offline process. To apply and participate,

  1. You need to fill the application form by DME.
  2. Merit list for those applied candidates will be announced.
  3. Soon after Phase 1 counselling will be conducted.
  4. After All India Quota counselling remaining seats will be given to State quota.
  5. With these DME will conduct Phase 2 and 3.

The goals of NEET aspirants are different. Some may have a desire to study at the top most college in India, A few will have the desire to study in their state’s top most college, Still others will have a desire to get a place at his district college, And for some as a result, getting a place in a government college can be a daunting task, It is enough for the rich to get a place in the management quota.

Anyway if you think you got college worth the hard work you put in to study NEET then hats off. Join college and take the first step towards making your dream true.


2. NEET Repeating


NEET repeating after NEET exam results

Approximately twelve lakh students are writing the NEET exam. Six lakh of them get qualified and then apply for counselling. Not everyone who applies has a place in college. Those who have the mindset that they should study medicine do NEET Repeating.


Things to consider when doing a NEET Repeat

  • Join the coaching center right from the start.
  • Study all the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology without missing a beat.
  • Focus on the weak points where you need to build up.
  • Schedule and follow it properly.
  • Make it a habit to make NEET sample exams daily.
  • Be careful in time management.
  • Finally read with confidence that next year will be yours.

One of my friends went to Crash Course but that year was not his. The same goes for next year. Tried again for the third time and joined a government college. So everything is in the hands of the decision maker. Make the right decision Give hard work and reap the rewards.


3. Choosing Other Courses


Courses to join after NEET exam results

Although medicine is a very popular profession, it is not available to everyone. Some people do not have the right situation at home and some people do not have the level of knowledge to face the NEET exam. So many people are going to be unable to get it.

For me medical dream students are not optimal to choose this. But like medicine, other courses are great and you can achieve even more. Choose the right path and try to move forward. If you really want to study medicine related courses then I have given below the medical courses.


Courses related to Medicine after NEET


  • B. D. S. (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) – 5.5 Years course, Professional degree programme in dentistry.


  • B. H. M. S. (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery) – 5.5 Years course, Studying Indian Homeopathic system of medicine


  • B. A. M. S. (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) – 5.5 Years course, Studying Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine


  • B.Pharma (Bachelor of Pharmacy) – 4 Years course, Pharmaceutical studies


  • B.Sc Nursing – 4 Years course, Nurses are key point workers who are working along with doctors


  • B.P.T (Physiotherapy) – 4.5 Years course, Physiotherapy is an post operative course


  • B.O.T (Occupational Therapy) – 3 Years course, Practicing for prevention and cure along with rehabilitation


  • B.U.M.S(Unani Medicine) – 5.5 Years course, Studying Indian Unani system of medicine


  • Histopathological Lab Technology – 1 Year course, Management and planning of Histopathological Lab records and maintenance of laboratory instruments.


  • Optometry – 2 Years course, Optometry studies associated with structure, working and function of human eye.


Non medical courses after NEET


  • Engineering – Chemical, Mechanical, EEE, Civil, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Motor vehicle engineering are the seven sectors in engineering (4 Years)


  • Bachelor of Architecture – a study that gives theoretical and practical knowledge in planning designing and constructing physical structures (4 Years)


  • Bachelor Of Science – Applied and Computational Mathematics, Astronomy, Biochemistry, Biological Sciences and Biomedical Engineering are comes under this (3 Years)


  • BCA – course involves subjects like database, core programming languages like C++ and Java, networking and data structure (3 Years)


  • BBA – Principles of Management, Business Mathematics, Business Economics and Marketing Management are things related to BBA ( 3 Years )


  • Integrated Law Courses – This one is a dual degree program. One law L.L.B degree and one B.A arts and science degree can be pursued in one academic curriculum (5 Years)


  • Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology ( 4 Years )


  • Fashion Designing – A study that attempts to design clothes which are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing


  • Journalism and Film Production – This course provides an insight in to print, media, multimedia, graphic design, journalism, animation and film production.


  • Multimedia and Animation – The Program helps to produce full-fledged animation professionals.


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