Aaron Owens death: Coach O, East & West High School, Columbus, OH, coach passed away suddenly


 Aaron Owens Coach O, East & West High School, Columbus, OH, coach passed away
Aaron Owens Coach O, East & West High School, Columbus, OH, coach passed away (Credit: Facebook)


Coach Aaron Owens, a well-known figure at East & West High School in Columbus, passed away unexpectedly leaving his family and friends in total anguish. He was recognized as one of the top instructors and a great role model for young players.

His contributions to the sports world will never be forgotten, and his impact will go on to motivate players of the next generation to achieve their goals in life. Let’s see what happened to him and Aaron Owens’s cause of death in this post.

East & West High School Coach O, died

Aaron Owens, popularly referred to as “Coach O,” has passed away unexpectedly, according to online sources and condolence notes shared on social media by his loved ones. 

Furthermore, as of this writing, Aaron Owen’s cause of death is still unknown. The family politely requests prayers instead of individual condolences as well as space to mourn and come to grips with the devastating loss.

Aaron Owens cause of death

Although unproven based on his daughter’s Facebook post from 2021, we learned via our research that Coach O has health difficulties ranging from kidney failure to toe amputation.

However, his family members did not confirm the cause yet. Additionally, it is crucial to wait for a formal declaration before making any judgments.

Other than these declarations, neither his family members nor online news sources have offered any information on the reason behind his death. As soon as new information is available, we’ll update this story.

Well what can I say about my Dad …YOUR AN OVERCOMER. From kidney failure to transplant to blood clots to toe amputation to being told if you went to sleep you wouldn’t have woke up you still believe, and through it all you waited on the lord and he renewed your strength. You never stopped waiting for your healing and even when your healing didn’t look like how we thought it was going to come you still kept the faith . Your life is the reason I believe in God how I do . Happy Father’s Day to the real OG to know you is to love you !!!

Our sympathies go out to his family, friends, pupils, coworkers, and athletes. We can all agree that this is a tough situation for the West High School community to deal with.

Tributes to Aaron Owens

The outpour of messages and condolences from his friends, students, and family speaks volumes about the kind of person he was. He will be remembered by all who knew him as a kind, compassionate, and wonderful human being who had a positive impact on everyone he met.

Monda Monda wrote,

Aaron Owens, You Changed So Many Young Life’s I Can’t Believe You Gone… Heaven Got A Real One. Every Coach I Had From Linden Was A Remodel! They Always Pushed Me To Do Better, I Truly Appreciate Y’all For Believing In Me Before I Even Could.

Dwayne Lamont Thompkins said,

Just hearing the passing of coach Aaron Owens im lost for words he was a great man who only wanted the best for his player and kids thank you for life’s losses Coach O rest easy

Lucille Braids wrote,

Coach O Aaron Owens such a great man you have impacted a lot of people’s lives, especially mines when in school me doubting God you reminded me of the word you gave us all the uplifting words and encouragement so sad to see you gone I pray for your wife and daughters it never easy Lossing a parent but you will be with us all still R.I.H you will be truly missed

Brian G Rogers said,

No, not Coach O – you were just checking on me and telling me that you were proud of me. God keeps us. Aaron Owens.

We should pray for his family and friends as they navigate this road to recovery together. Please offer up a prayer for Aaron Owens’s family and his children during this trying time. Please feel free to pay respects to Aaron Owens by leaving a note below in the comments section.


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  1. I’ve only known Coach O for 1 year and the impact he made on my life is so great. I’ve received the shirt off his back, literally. My favorite shoes were given to me by him. He and his family cooked a meal for my ministry team, my wife, and I. He was so quick to remind me about God and his word. The love of God spilled off of him and this family and I am so great-full to have been so close to it. My prayers go to the whole family and the many many people this man has impacted. God bless

  2. I really wish that you would retract his health conditions. That is not for public knowledge and unless you received information from his family I believe that this is distasteful. I have known his family since I moved to Columbus and my children and I called them family.


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