Who is Grace Dumdaw? Zayn Malik’s ‘Love Like This’ music video cast, know everything about the model and actress


Who is Grace Dumdaw Zayn Malik's 'Love Like This' music video cast
Meet Grace Dumdaw a Mysterious model featured on Zayn Malik’s ‘Love Like This’ music. (Image credit: Grace’s Instagram)


Fans are getting a new look at “Love Like This,” Zayn Malik’s debut album for Mercury Records, released today July 21, 2023. Listen to Zayn Malik’s Romantic New Song “Love Like This” and feel your heart race.

Numerous rumors have been circulated online recently regarding the identity of the enigmatic blonde woman who appears in Zayn Malik’s upcoming music video. However, Grace Dumdaw, an actress and model, has been confirmed as of this moment.

People are interested in learning more about Grace Dumdaw, a model and actress who appeared in Zayn Malik’s song and claimed to be the luckiest girl on the earth. Here are the details of Zayn’s newest single, along with all we know about Grace Dumdaw.

‘Mysterious model in Zayn’s “love like this” music 

Due to the relationship rumors from earlier this year, some fans have hypothesized that Selena Gomez could be the mysterious woman in the teaser.

It was alleged in March that the two celebrities had been seen kissing on a date after following each other on Instagram. However, Selena recently unfollowed each other and revealed she was single in a TikTok video, putting the speculations to rest.

This hasn’t stopped fans from wondering, though, since the normally brunette diva tweeted photos of herself wearing her dark brown hair in a blonde wig while on a recent vacation to Paris.

Others think Zayn might be “soft-launching” a new relationship because in 2016, shortly after they had begun dating, he included his ex Gigi Hadid in the music video for his song “Pillowtalk.”

Others, however, are positive that the mysterious female is only an actress who is portraying a love interest in the song video.

Right now, we have answers to put an end to these rumors. Let’s see about the ‘Mysterious model in Zayn’s Love like this music video’.

Who is Grace Dumdaw?

With his first brand-new song in years, Zayn Malik is back! The 30-year-old musician and former member of One Direction recently released his summer anthem “Love Like This” and a sensual music video in which actress Grace Dumdaw also appears.

I’m incredibly proud of the summer song “Love Like This” and can’t wait for people to hear it. I’m presently working on my upcoming new album, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it,” Zayn stated in a statement.

Grace Dumdaw

Grace Dumdaw (any pronouns) is a Kachin actor, singer, cinematographer, and photographer who was born in Myanmar and reared in Louisiana.

She currently resides in New York City. She obtained their Bachelor of Fine Arts from Swarthmore College, where they double-majored in Peace and Conflict Studies and Stage, Screen, & New Media.

Additionally, Grace has studied at the Stella Adler Studio, Upright Citizens Brigade, and Prague Film School. She received a Fellow designation from the Emmy’s Television Academy Foundation in 2020 for the Agency category.


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The SAG-AFTRA actress is currently the photo editor for the NBC SYFY and Oxygen networks and is managed by Entertainment Lab.

She is also a commercial, theatrical, and commercial agent for CESD Talent. Grace’s interests outside of appearing in movies also include directing and working as a videographer.

Dumdaw’s unfinished undergraduate thesis film, which she wrote, edited, and starred in, won a special mention from the Tri-Co Film Festival in 2021. Grace also performs as the lead vocalist for the band Chanpan, whose debut EP is scheduled to release in 2023.

Grace is a fervent supporter of the Kachin people of northern Myanmar, one of their ethnic groups. They keep spreading the word about the unrest in Myanmar’s cities and the discrimination against minority ethnic groups.

My Swat Story: Grace Dumdaw about her life

She’s Passionate About Photography

“I started doing photography around my freshman year of high school—my parents just had a camera lying around, and I wanted to use it to take pictures of my friends. I really enjoy portraiture because it’s a great way to get to know people and show everyone else what their essence is like.”

She’s Originally From Myanmar

“I was born in Myanmar. Ethnically, I’m Kachin, which is an ethnic group from northern Myanmar. But I grew up in Louisiana.

The majority of my family is still back in Myanmar. The first time I went back since I was born was the summer before my senior year of high school.

That was a really interesting experience because I split my time between completely urban and rural areas. In the city, I met a bunch of families I did not know I had.

“Then, I spent time at an internally displaced peoples’ camp—my ethnic group has been part of the longest ongoing civil war in the world.

Being there so close to the conflict really made me start thinking things like, ‘Oh. These are my people.’ I could definitely be in their position, but I’ve been incredibly fortunate.”

She Is Creating Her Major

“I initially came to Swarthmore to be a religion and political science double major, and I’m still sort of doing those things in my peace & conflict studies major.

Religion has had a really interesting role in my life; I was raised in a very religious household, and it’s always been something that intrigues me because I love trying to understand what drives people to keep going. This is why peace studies caught my attention—it focuses completely on humanity.

“I also am creating my entertainment production special major. I’ve always been a performer in one way or another, and I’m trying to combine theater, film & media studies, and art to give me a foundation for producing my own works of performance art.”

Social Media Accounts

Instagram @grumdaw  

YouTube @Grace Dumdaw  

Grace’s Official Website: www.gracedumdaw.com.

Zayn Malik’s “Love Like This”

Finally, ZAYN’s newest song is released. Streaming of the song is available across all platforms. After a two-year hiatus, Zayn Malik, the person behind the stage name ZAYN, resumed his musical career.

The 30-year-old singer’s new label, voice, and outlook are all evident in “Love Like This.” Additionally, he romanced a chic blonde model in the new video, which was released alongside the song at midnight on July 21.

This beauty resembled none other than his ex-Gigi Hadid. He rapped in the seductive club-worthy song, “How you hit ’em with the clothes and the stare / And the hips and the hair like that /Got me all up in the zone, in the zone/ In the zone, in the zone like.”

Watch the official music video for ZAYN’s new single, “Love Like This”.


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