Why did the officers shoot Andrew Tekle Sundberg? Minneapolis mom and BLM Protestors Problem Explained

Andrew Tekle Sundberg

Andrew “Tekle” Sundberg was killed by two police snipers in Minneapolis early on Thursday, concluding a six-hour standoff. Let’s see who is Andrew Tekle Sundberg.

When did the Minneapolis Police shoot Andrew?

Following a lengthy standoff on the city’s south side earlier this week, two snipers from the Minneapolis Police Department shot Andrew “Tekle” Sundberg, 20, killing him, according to search records from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.


Who is Andrew Tekle Sundberg?

CBS reported that 20-year-old Sundberg fired several shots on the evening of July 14. Arabella, his next-door neighbour, stated that a gunshot had entered her wall and dialled 911. She acknowledged, “I didn’t know it was a gunshot when I initially heard a loud bang.” She explained how she seized her two little sons and ran from the house into the bedroom, where she called the police, who came and saved them. She recalled thinking, “We’re not going to make it, we’re not going to make it.”

Is Sundberg hiding in the apartment?

The updated paperwork submitted on Friday reveals that the snipers were stationed on the top of a structure across the street from the apartment complex’s third-floor unit where Sundberg was hiding out. The BCA, the state’s main law enforcement organisation, is looking into the fatal police use of force. What what caused the officers to fire is yet unknown.

Who here the bullet sound 1st?

Investigators claim that Sundberg shot multiple times inside the apartment building in the Seward neighbourhood on Wednesday night. A neighbour, Arabella Yarbrough, called 911 to report that a bullet had entered her wall.

She said to WCCO-TV, “I didn’t know it was a gunshot when I first heard the first loud sound.”

She grabbed her two small sons and fled to the bedroom, where she contacted the police, just as a second bullet tore through the wall of her kitchen. Soon after, she sprinted to let police into the structure and pleaded with them to save her kids.

Yarbrough recalled his initial thoughts: “We’re not going to make it, we’re not going to make it.”

What did the Police try to speak to Sundberg?

Police spent hours trying to speak with Sundberg after removing Yarbrough’s sons from her residence because he had barricaded himself inside. The two snipers shot Sundberg at 4:30 am on Thursday, fatally injuring him. At Hennepin Healthcare, he passed away.

What is the name of the Snippers?

The search warrants state that BCA agents searched Sundberg’s apartment and found a revolver with an extended magazine as well as many gunshot casings. A piece of a gunshot from a nearby residential unit was also found.

The snipers’ guns, two bullet casings, and six less-lethal rounds were also seized by investigators, though it is yet unknown if or when those shots were fired.

The SWAT team members Aaron Pearson and Zachary Seraphine were the cops who fatally shot Sundberg.

Why did the officers shoot Andrew Tekle Sundberg?

The second deadly incident involving Minneapolis police this year was Sandberg’s death. The first incident included the killing of Amir Locke on February 2. A SWAT squad was enforcing a no-knock warrant when they shot the 22-year-old as he stirred on a couch while carrying a revolver.

The crew that stormed the downtown flat included both Pearson and Seraphine. Seraphine, a nurse, attended to Locke before he passed away, and Pearson’s body camera recorded the shooting.

No cops were held accountable for Locke’s death since the killing was deemed legal by the prosecution.

However, following allegations of brutality and prejudice, the Minneapolis Police Department has been the subject of investigation for years. Following the death of George Floyd in May 2020, the agency was the subject of both state and federal investigations.

The Minnesota Department of Human Rights conducted an investigation earlier this year and discovered a pattern of racial discrimination by the department over the previous ten years.

Is Sundberg has a mental issue?

Friends and family gathered outside Sundberg’s apartment on Thursday night to remember him. His family stated that Sundberg has mental health issues in a statement.

“Despite the fact that we have had very little information up to this point, it appears that our Tekle was going through a mental health crisis. We express our sincere condolences to anyone in his building who has been affected by his tragedy, and we appreciate the community members who have stepped out in Tekle’s honour “In a statement, the family stated.

Sundberg’s family is represented by attorneys Ben Crump and Jeff Storm. In addition to describing the George Floyd family, the civil rights lawyers also won a record $27 million wrongful death settlement with the city of Minneapolis in that case.

What the Sundberg’s lawyer claim?

The lawyer claimed that Sundberg’s family disagrees with the claim that the police department’s actions were carried out in concert with relatives, and he added that it is still unclear exactly what transpired before the fatal shooting.

The lawyers argued that “no information has been presented” as to why Tekle, who the authorities had isolated for hours, now required execution. “We demand that the Minneapolis Police Department furnish the family with the video evidence and other data required to respond to this inquiry right away.”


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