Why did Lidia Thorpe resign as deputy leader? Relationship with ex bikie boss Explained


Why did Lidia Thorpe resign as deputy leader? Relationship with ex bikie boss Explained


Due to her ties with the former boss of the bikies, Lidia Thorpe resigns as the Greens’ deputy leader in the Senate. Let’s see Why did Lidia Thorpe resign as deputy leader and her Relationship with ex bikie boss Dean Martin in detail

Why did Lidia Thorpe resign as deputy leader?

As deputy leader of the Green Party in the Senate, Senator Lidia Thorpe has resigned due to what leader Adam Bandt has called a “serious failure of judgment” for failing to disclose a relationship with the former Rebels bikie gang chief.

Thorpe admitted she “briefly dated” Dean Martin in 2021 and is still friends with him, according to ABC, which made the revelation public on Thursday. Thorpe admitted in a statement that she “made mistakes and… did not use sound judgment” in failing to disclose the relationship.

A possible perceived conflict of interest with her work on the joint parliamentary law enforcement committee was reportedly raised by the relationship among personnel.

Relationship with ex-Rebel bikie Dean Martin 

There is no evidence, according to Guardian Australia, that Thorpe gave any private information to someone who wasn’t authorized to have it.

After his brother Shane Martin, the father of AFL player Dustin Martin, was deported to New Zealand in 2018, Martin, who has no previous records, resigned from his position as Victorian chapter president.

Bandt said to reporters in Melbourne on Thursday that he “wasn’t aware” of the connection until it was brought up by the media.

Thorpe ought to “at least” disclose her contact with Martin, according to Bandt, and by doing so, she displayed “a considerable lack of judgment.”

Thorpe claims to now comprehend this. According to Thorpe, there was never any sharing of confidential information or a violation of the regulations governing those committees’ functioning at any point “But that’s insufficient. It was obvious that this may be regarded as harming her work, thus it was poor judgment on her part not to tell me.

Thorpe had not been in charge of justice since the election, but Bandt said that she still had “vital work to accomplish on First Nations justice, notably on progressing Truth, Treaty, and Voice.” Although “at the time… no one is saying that that happened,” Bandt claimed that he had contacted the Australian Federal Police to “see whether they have any concerns about the leaking of material.”

“On the information that I [have] at the time,” Bandt stated, “resignation is a suitable consequence.” He continued, “Of course, I will consider further action if those facts change.” Bandt “asked my resignation as deputy leader in the Senate and I have given him [it],” Thorpe claimed in a statement. “I acknowledge that I have committed errors and lacked good judgment. I’ll think about it now and concentrate on my significant portfolio work, particularly my advocacy for First Nations people.

What did Thorpe admit to this controversy?

Thorpe stated she met Martin “via Blak activity and briefly dated in early 2021″ in a statement to ABC. The most important domestic and foreign stories of the day are broken down in our Australian morning briefing email, along with why they matter. “We are still close friends, and we work together to promote the rights of First Nations peoples”

Thorpe admitted that she didn’t let Bandt know about her relationship with Martin, but she insisted that the committee’s records on how the AFP tracks down illegal motorcycle gangs are “handled in confidentiality.” Martin had a “previous link” with the Rebels, according to Thorpe. “I’m worried about outlaw motorcycle clubs’ criminal activity in general. But Mr. Martin had left that world by the time we met.

One employee reportedly spoke with Bandt’s chief of staff, Damien Lawson, about their worries. Through a spokeswoman, Lawson denied instructing the staff member to bring up the matter with Bandt; instead, he stated he advised them to bring it up again with Thorpe. The spokeswoman reportedly stated, “Mr. Lawson subsequently understood that this had transpired and the issues had been addressed.”

Lawson is a “good and skilled chief of staff who makes many solid decisions,” according to Bandt, but “this was not one of them.”

“I should have been informed about this,” my chief of staff said. “I have made it obvious to him and given him advice.” The revelations are “concerning,” according to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who told reporters in Albany that an error of judgment is “the least term I would give to it.” Bandt was contacted by Albanese to discuss what his office knew about the situation and to explain why he had not been directly notified.



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