Who is Chidinma Ojukwu? Suspect in killing of TV CEO Micheal Ataga

Chidinma Ojukwu

Chidinma Ojukwu is a Nigerian student accused of murdering Super TV chairman Michael Usifo Ataga. Let’s see how did Super TV CEO die and who is the suspect, Chidinma Ojukwu in detail.

Why did Chidinma Ojukwu kill Ataga?

Ojukwu, a student at the University of Lagos in Akoka, was charged with nine counts in connection with the alleged murder of Ataga on October 12, 2021, together with Adedapo Quadri and Chioma Egbuchu. She was arrested for murdering Ataga. But she refused it at first and was in the prison. She somehow accepted that she murdered him on Tuesday. She said that she killed Ataga only in self-defense.

Chidinma’s Court trial

Chidinma Ojukwu and her sister Adedapo are the first and second defendants in the case. They are charged with murder, theft, and unauthorized access to documents.

The trial of Ojukwu was continued on Tuesday by a Lagos High Court sitting in Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS). TBS continued to watch Chidinma Ojukwu’s confessional video statement. Ojukwu is the alleged murderer of Super Tv CEO Usifo Ataga. Ms. Ojukwu refused her earlier confession of killing Mr. Ataga in the first video.

In the footage that was shown on Tuesday, Ojukwu was questioned about her denial of knowing the dead. She stated, she did not deny knowing him but that she did not kill him. She said, “I don’t know who entered the room after I left, Ojukwu added. He was bleeding when I returned. I did not kill him, and I am unsure of who killed him, so I had to leave because I was scared.”

She said that she was too terrified to call for help when she discovered him in a pool of blood, and she also took the deceased’s two iPhones and Macbook, which were among her belongings before she left. Ms. Ojukwu said that she quickly packed up her belongings after spotting Mr. Ataga on the ground. “I just packed up my things and went because I was afraid, I don’t know who entered,” she stated.

Ms. Ojukwu’s handwritten statement

In a different confessional video that was shown to the judge, the video of Mr. Ataga’s dead body was first played at the last hearing, followed by the defendant’s confession, she claimed in the tape that she killed him on her own.

Ataga was murdered in an apartment in 19, Adewale Oshin Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. Chidinmma acknowledged guilt and confessed to stabbing and strangling Usifo, whom she said she had met through a friend, four months earlier. She explained that after the deceased sought to have sex with her for the second time under threat, she acted in self-defense.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Mr. Bamidele said, “She started writing by herself, but because her handwriting wasn’t acceptable I informed her that she should make sure that her writing is readable or write in capital letters.” At that time, she suggested that I write to her and confessed to killing the victim.

She further disclosed that she had murdered Michael Usifo Ataga and left with a knife, several phones, and a Macbook laptop. Ms. Ojukwu admitted to selling the MacBook. Additionally, he claimed that she admitted that a “DG” helped her obtain an Access Bank ATM, an ID card, a driver’s license, and other documents, but that she didn’t know his full name and had only spoken to him on the phone.

Additionally, Bamidele claimed that the second defendant revealed how Ojukwu had often ordered him to get her loud smoke and Rohypnol, which he had provided to Lekki.

The witness claimed that the third defendant was apprehended with the assistance of Chidinma’s foster father Onoh Ojukwu, their uncle Obi, and their mother.

The trial was continued after the case was postponed until October 20.

Who is Chidinma Ojukwu?

Chidinma was arrested as she was a prime suspect in the Ataga’s murder case. Chidinma Ojukwu is a 300-level, Mass Communication, undergraduate at the University of Lago. She is 22 years old now. She is from Abia state of southeast Nigeria, but she was brought up in Lagos. In March 2022, she was crowned the prison’s beauty queen after taking first place in the Kirikiri Prison’s Miss Cell 2022 competition. She killed Ataga and she was now facing court trials regarding the Ataga murder case.


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