Why did Ashley Morrison commit suicide? Youngest Old Cat Lady cause of death explained

Ashley Morrison
Ashley Morrison, the youngest Old Cat Lady died


Ashley Morrison, the “Youngest Old Cat Lady” and a well-known kitten rescuer and foster advocate from Seattle, Washington, has unfortunately passed away. Let’s see what happened to Ashley Morrison in detail.

How did Youngest Old Cat Lady die?

Ashley Morrison, the famous kitten rescuer took her own life on Thursday, April 6, 2023, leaving her beloved family members in shock.

Her cousin and friends confirmed her death on social media posts. Her mother youngest old cat grandma also shared the following statement after the demise of Ashley on Instagram post.

Ashley Morrison
Ashley Morrison’s mom’s post


We mourn the passing of Ashley Morrison, cat rescuer and creator of Ashley’s Kitten Academy, based in Seattle, today”, according to a post published on Facebook on Sunday. 

Both Ashley and her father experienced mental health issues. In 2015, he committed suicide, and on Thursday, Ashley did the same.  

Who was Ashley Morrison? 

Ashley began dog fostering in the Los Angeles region in 2011. She hadn’t owned a cat since she was a young child, and the truth is told, she was a little afraid of cats.

She continued to prefer dogs as a pet as a result. In addition to finishing her schooling, she started helping at PAWS, the local animal shelter, as soon as she returned to her native Washington state in 2014.

She and her mother, the youngest old cat grandma, have dedicated their lives to saving and rehoming hundreds of cats and kittens since her father committed suicide.

Her mother attended a training session for prospective foster parents at the same time that she started walking dogs. 

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2016, with a Media and Communications major.

She understood that she wanted to use her media skills to spread the joy and love that these foster cats had brought her.

She has 235K followers on Instagram page where she shares about her cat rescuing journey. Due to their efforts, they have gained the support of hundreds of thousands of individuals from around the globe.

About The Youngest Cat Women:

Ashley Morrison was a famous internet personality who was a well known Kitten Rescuer in Seattle. She adores every stray cat and dog she has given a temporary home to, and she does it totally.

In order to help people understand the importance of spaying and neutering their dogs, it was imperative to increase awareness about the number of kittens that enter shelters from both local and other states. So that she could inform others about what everyone can do to support the neighborhood cats in their region, she was dedicated to honing her abilities as an animal rescuer and extending her impact as an animal champion.

She was a person of extraordinary generosity and kindness who assisted many people and animals in need. Everyone who has ever interacted with her will love her. Through her rescue organization, she contributed everything she owned to the cats and kittens living in the Pacific Northwest.

Ashley Morrison cause of death:

Ashley Morrison committed a self-inflicted suicide as a result of her troubled mental health problems. Her mom confirmed this sad news on Instagram post. Many people shared their heartfelt condolences to Ashley on social media.

“The Youngest Old Cat Lady, Ashley Morrison- was an inspiration. She was a piece of what was right in this world. She gave everything she had to the cats & kittens of the Pacific Northwest, through her rescue.

My heart is breaking today- for all she left behind. Her kitties- Jack, Breezy & Blossom & for her mom. Please pray for them. The world isn’t as bright without her in it. Rest in peace Ashley. You are missed already.”

Since her father passed away, she had been dealing with a variety of challenges that had only become worse. She has recently been complaining that she was finding it harder and harder to handle things.

In her schedule Instagram post, she shared her final thoughts that she can’t handle things any more.

She scheduled her suicide note on her last Instagram post. Many people are now highlighting the issue of scheduled posts on Instagram and asking to review it before making it public.

Ashley had given their puppets to her cousins before she died. She shared it on her Instagram story by labeling it as a ‘Adoption day’.

Several shocking posts claiming that all of the kittens and cats in her care had been adopted appeared over the course of the last few days, but after that, there has been complete silence.

Now, her final post had made her followers in complete shock. After seeing her scheduled Instagram post, many people are now calling 911 to check her well-being.

Tributes flooded online after the demise news of Ashley broke out.

If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, you can get help by contacting the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255.

Tributes to Ashley Morrison:

KJ tweeted,

She will be missed so much. My heart is breaking right now. #youngestoldcatlady -Ashley Morrison

The Royal Rescues posted,

We are devastated to hear about the loss of Ashley Morrison, known as Youngest Old Cat Lady. She was such an inspiration to all who work with cats and kittens. Mental illness, depression and compassion fatigue are truly horrible things and affect people in the animal rescue world at a proportionally high rate. Ashley was such a beautiful soul. Rest in peace, dear lady.

The Real Gus Gus posted,

Words can’t describe how sad we are about the news of Ashley’s passing. She touched so many lives. We wouldn’t have Gus without her. She truly changed our lives and we’re so grateful.

J.A. Nice posted,

Prayers for the family and friends of Ashley Morrison, known as the “Youngest Old Cat Lady.” She operated a 501c3, saving abandoned and orphaned cats and kittens. She had tens of thousands of followers, and worked so hard. It’s puppy and kitten season. It’s becoming too much for so many. She left a note, on a scheduled Instagram post. She scheduled the post to appear after she took her own life.

karinchu tweeted,

I am absolutely shocked to hear of the death of Ashley Morrison, youngestoldcatlady on IG. She was the most vibrant soul, young, kind, compassionate and beautiful. Mental illness is a grueling disease that sometimes even those who have sought help cannot overcome. Gutting.


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