Who was Gary Stanton? Suspect who shot and killed his wife and 2 daughters before he commit suicide, explained

Gary Stanton

A Kenyan woman and her two children were shot and killed by an American man, who then shot himself in the head. Let’s see who was Gary Stanton and about the murder in Louisville, Kentucky in detail.

Who was Gary Stanton?

Gary Stanton shot to death his wife Njoki Muchemi Stanton and their two daughters before turning the gun on himself. The Police are calling it a “murder suicide”.

On Saturday, December 3, 2022, a shocking incident occurred in Louisville, Kentucky. Gary Stanton, 60, murdered his wife, Mary Stanton, 49, before fatally shooting their two children, Brianna Stanton, 11, and Andrianna Stanton, 17, at their Valley Station home in Southwest Jefferson County, according to police.

Gary Stanton

When Mwaniki Brian Muchemi announced his sister’s death on Twitter, he stated that the woman was Kenyan. “Yesterday, my sister’s husband, who later committed suicide, shot her and her two girls. I’m not sure of the cause, but Brian Muchemi wrote, “May they all rest in peace.”

Gary Stanton murder-suicide: What happened?

The four victims of a shooting that took place inside a Valley Station residence on December 3, 2022, have been named by the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office.

The bodies of Njoki Muchemi, age 9, Andrianna Stanton, age 17, Brianna Stanton, age 11, and Gary Stanton, age 60, were discovered next to Njoki Muchemi.

The Jefferson County Coroner’s Office reports that Mary and Andrianna were shot several times and Brianna was shot once.
It is reported that Gary died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Major Micah Scheu said, “Many of our officers are fathers and mothers as well. It’s difficult to see anything like this.” The reason and motive behind the murder-suicide is not revealed by the police.

“We feel pretty confident that the incident is going to be a murder-suicide situation where the adult male was the primary aggressor who shot the three females,” LMPD Maj. Micah Scheu said on Saturday.

Police arrived at the scene for an active investigation, and a portion of the neighborhood was evacuated, according to law enforcement officials. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office or the Louisville Police Department.

What is the motive behind the shooting?

The four people were discovered by the arriving officers with gunshot wounds across their bodies. The police have not disclosed the motive behind the shooting. Emily Muchemi reported earlier this week that Mary was full of life and optimistic. “Nothing seemed off,” Muchemi said in a statement. We talked and joked every day.

Mary had recently begun working at an adult daycare facility in Louisville after studying to become a registered nurse. The family was significant to her, and she made an effort to improve everyone’s lot in life, according to Muchemi.

Adrianna was a senior at duPont Manual High School and was involved in many activities as a student. She was keen to graduate this following spring. She was a young woman with a bright future, according to Muchemi, who described her as smart and responsible.

Brianna was a student at Noe Middle School. Brianna, according to Muchemi, “was full of life. She got along well with everyone.”

Muchemi and Mary recently traveled to Kenya together to bury their father. “Our hearts are not even healed from dad’s sudden death and now this,” Emily said.

There were several police officers present in the Valley Station area as a result of the event. Officers from the Louisville Police Department and representatives from the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office responded to a report of many shots fired with potential victims at a home at around 9:30 a.m.


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