Is PM Shehbaz Sharif involved in Imran Khan shootout? Who are the prime suspects? Explained

Imran Khan shot

Imran Khan, a former Pakistani prime minister, was shot while at his welcoming camp in Gujranwala on Thursday. Let’s see who shot Pakistan’s Ex-PM Imran Khan and the motive behind the shooting in detail.

What happened at the Islamabad rally led by Imran Khan?

Imran Khan is being moved by container-mounted truck in Pakistan’s Punjab province. To demand immediate elections, Khan was leading a protest march to Islamabad. Gunshots were heard near Imran Khan’s welcoming camp at Allahwala Chowk in Gujranwala, according to a local broadcaster.

During the protest, Khan was shot by a suspect. After the incident, the former Pakistani prime minister waved to his fans while remaining calm. The attacker is being detained, according to sources in Pakistani media.

Who is the suspect?

To seek hasty elections, Imran Khan was leading a protest march to Islamabad. The suspect who shot Imran Khan was arrested by the police.

The suspect says, that he came to shoot Imran Khan only. He shot Imran Khan willfully. The individual who opened fire on Imran Khan during a rally this evening claimed he had come to kill the former Pakistani Prime Minister because he thought he was “misleading” the populace.

On the footage, the claimed shooter declared, “Sirf Imran Khan ko maarna tha (I came simply to murder Imran Khan). He further stated that he arrived in Gujranwala on a motorcycle and left the vehicle at his uncle’s house.

There may have been two gunmen, one using a handgun and the other an automatic rifle, according to reports.

Imran Khan was shot in the leg at a political event and is now recovering in the hospital.

There were reportedly a number of injuries. The incident, which occurred approximately 200 kilometers from Islamabad, brought terrible echoes of how Benazir Bhutto, a former prime minister, was fatally shot during a rally in 2007.


In a video statement, senior Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Asad Umar claimed that party chairman Khan has named three individuals who might be responsible for today’s incident.

“Imran Khan called us and told us to convey this message to the nation on his behalf…He said that he believes three people — Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, and Major General Faisal (Naseer) — were involved in the attack on him,” Umar said.

The former interior minister and close adviser to Khan, Sheikh Rashid, has accused the Shehbaz administration of planning a plot to assassinate the former premier.

“The federal government hatched a conspiracy to kill Imran Khan. Hired assassin (federal Interior minister) Rana Sanaullah and the federal government has brought the country to the brink of civil war. It can’t stand before the sea of people as it has to go home,” Rashid said.

What happened to Imran Khan?

Former Pakistan PM was at the rally near Islamabad, where he was shot by a gunman. Fawad Chaudhry, the leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), stated that the former prime minister had been shot in the leg in an interview with the news channel following the incident. Three additional leaders were hurt, he added.

Khan, who was leading a protest march into Islamabad, was reportedly wounded in the foot but was otherwise unharmed. He was out of danger and has been treated at the hospital at Shaukat Khanum hospital Lahore. He was in the operation theater for treatment for removing 3 bullets in his leg, however, there are no fractures reported.

He is out of danger and the gunshots injured his legs. He was in a stable state. Fourteen people were injured and one person was killed during the attack, as per the Punjab police.

Health update:

Khan’s condition is stable, according to Dr. Faisal Sultan, a former health adviser to the prime minister.

“But according to X-rays and scans, there are fragments of bullets in his legs and there’s a chip in his tibia shin bone,” he told the press persons outside the Shaukat Khanum Hospital in Lahore.

Who is Ibtisam Hassan?

Ibtisam Hassan was a young man who was appreciated by everyone for his heroic act of saving Imran Khan’s life by holding the gunman’s hand.

Khan was shot in the leg but remained stable when he was transported to the hospital. The assassin was on the left side and was firing from the top of the container. Ibtisam Hassan, the red-shirted man saved Imran khan from further attacks. As he pulled the gun from the attacker’s hand and protected further attacks.

Khan’s life might have been saved because the shooter was being grappled by another man named Ibtisam Hassan, as he shot. Everyone is appreciating this young man who attempted to save Imran Khan.

Man who saved further attacks

How people reacted to it?

Justin Trudeau tweeted,

The attack on @ImranKhanPTI and his supporters is completely unacceptable, and I strongly condemn this violence. It has no place in politics, in any democracy, or in our society. I’m wishing a speedy recovery to Imran and all who were injured today.

Ch Fawad Hussain tweeted,

It was a well planned assassination attempt on Khan, the assassin planned to kill Imran khan and leadership of PTI, it was not 9 MM it was burst from automatic weapon, no two opinions about that it was narrow escape.

Shireen Mazari tweeted,

Rana Sana threatened to murder IK & today we saw him attempt that. He should be arrested on attempted murder as his public statement bear witness to same. The string pullers, the Establishment will also be held responsible by the nation for this murderous attack on Imran Khan.

Adil Raja tweeted,

The assassination attempt on #ImranKhan directly raises suspicion against his political-military joint opposition. In a fair contest, there is no way in the world, they can defeat IK. Resorting to such dirty tactics is not unprecedented in Pakistan.

Rajat Sharma tweeted,

Shocked to learn about the murderous attempt on the life of Khan. He has been shot at in Wazirabad near Gujranwala in a highly condemnable incident. May he recover from his injury at the earliest. @ImranKhanPTI

Javed Hassan tweeted,

The cover up story by the assassin seems well rehearsed. What a laughably ridiculous pack of lies that the guy got an automatic and suddenly decided to kill @ImranKhanPTI

– because he thought IK was misguiding people. They must think people are stupid. No one is fooled by this!

Omar Ayub Khan tweeted,

Imran Khan sahib being operated upon in Shaukat Khanum Emergency. Doctors will brief after the operation Inshallah. Prayers are needed for the complete & speedy recovery of Khan Sb & all our injured colleagues.


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