Who is Ibtisam Hassan? Meet the red shirt man who saved Imran khan


Following this, the perpetrator attempted to flee the area, but he was known by him with the assistance of police, according to PTI’s hero.

In this article let’s look at Ibtisam Hassan, a PTI youth worker who had the guts to apprehend the shooter who attempted to harm Imran Khan in detail.

Who is Ibtisam Hassan?

An attempt to kill Imran Khan was thwarted by a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) member who was at the long march. The supporter seized the shooter and took the rifle from him.

Ibtisam was commended for saving lives at the lengthy march near Gujranwala by PTI followers after the tragedy, especially the previous Prime Minister (PM)

‘Won’t let anyone hurt Khan Sahab’

– WAZIRABAD Ibtisam, a member of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), who on Thursday trapped the armed man, declared that no one would be permitted to harm former prime minister Imran Khan.

The PTI employee added, “The accused opened fire at the container,” in a statement to the media after the shooting incident at the container in Wazirabad. 

I believed that the accused had an automatic weapon. One guy had already been shot when I caught the accused.

“I noticed a man carrying a rifle while Imran Khan and I were walking from the bypass. 

I swiftly caught up with him. 

I don’t care what happens to me, but I won’t let anybody damage Imran Khan. Additionally, Ibtisam prayed for Imran Khan’s speedy recovery.

Details state that a video of Imran Khan’s attempted murder has surfaced, showing the assailants firing on a container.

The assailant can be seen in the video pulling out his weapon, but the red-shirted person behind him grabs him and turns his gun upwards to stop the attack. More PTI employees caught up with the attacker in the meantime and removed him from the scene.

Ibtisam Hassan’s statement

As a result, many on social media are calling for a medal of honor to be awarded to the hero who thwarted the assassination attempt and helped the police catch the perpetrator.

Ibtisam claimed in a video message that the man was standing close to Imran Khan’s container even though he was only a few meters away from it.

The assailant then tried to shoot, but when he caught hold of his arm and swung it, the attacker missed the target, and the victim continued.

Following this, the perpetrator attempted to flee the area, but he was known by him with the assistance of police, according to PTI’s hero.


People’s reaction to Ibtisam Hassan’s brave Act

Saleem tweeted,

Our Hero .Well done Ibtisam Hassan brother from WazirAbbad.Salute

Arya tweeted,

This is real PTI Tiger. Shehzada.

Salman tweeted,

You are hero 

Samad tweeted,

Thanks to this brave young man.

Syed said,

you are our hero. Allah bless you brother.

Alia said,

We love your courage and nation , forever in-deb


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