How did George Zogoolas die? Nightclub King cause of death Explained


How did George Zogoolas die? Nightclub King cause of death Explained


In Melbourne, George zogoolas, commonly known as the Nightclub King, passed away. He died of an apparent heart attack in Bali. Let’s find out more about this famous Night club King.

After passing out in his sleep in Bali on Wednesday, George “Ziggy” Zogoolas, who controlled the city’s hottest club throughout the 2000s, was said farewell by pals.


In the past, people have described Zogoolas (above) as a “cracking storyteller,” “crazy hatter,” and “king of clubs.”
Other friends described him as a “cracking storyteller” and an “iconic Melbourne personality in the nightclub sector.”

The affable club owner was well-known for the vigor he brought to the scene in the aughts, drawing A-listers and football players in for years.

The Zogoolas managed the posh Love Machine club on Chapel Street in Prahran. The club hosted the well-known “Gossip Sundays,” when partygoers were known to stay out into the wee hours of Monday morning.

Melbourne Nightclub King George Zogoolas Dies Leaving Behind His Real Housewives Ex-Wife Janet Roach

His ex-wife, Real Housewives of Melbourne star Janet Roach, and he have three children together, including sons Jake and Paul Zogoolas.

Following the birth of their kids, Mrs. Roach and Mr. Zogoolas divorced. Since then, she has been romantically involved with the managing director of Chemist Warehouse. The former Zogoolas club, now called Love Machine, is still open but has recently become the subject of controversy.

With reality actress Ms. Roach, 58, he had two kids, Paul and Jake. Ms. Roach made her television debut on Real Housewives of Melbourne, where she also started dating drugstore magnate Sam Gance. He and her son Jake run their tea brand together, which is stocked by the pharmacy chain.
Jake also founded a charity for burn victims after he was set on fire by burning petrol while standing by a campfire in rural New South Wales in 2011.

The then 22-year-old was taken to hospital, placed in a coma, and treated for his severe burns. Before their relationship, she had known the co-founder of Chemist Warehouse for around 30 years.

Mourning for a Dear Friend 

You always drove your racer mate, you taught me a few things about our beloved Melbourne nightclub scene,” wrote friend and DJ Peter Apostle.

‘My deepest condolences go out to Paul Zogoolas and the rest of the family.’

Local journalist Luke Dennehy left a touching note for his pal on social media.

– Sad to hear that one of Melbourne’s original nightclub kings, George Zogoolas, has passed away.

‘I got to know George in the mid-2000s when he transformed the Sunday night Love Machine (ironically it was called Gossip) into a celebrity-studded venue that we wrote about all the time. RIP, he said.


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