Who is Sonia Loja? Why did she kill her 3 children? Cause of murder

Who is Sonia Loja? Why did she kill her 3 children? Cause of murder Revealed

 A mother and three children who appeared to have committed a triple murder-suicide and were discovered dead at a Danbury, Connecticut, the house have been identified by police. Let’s see Who is Sonia Loja is and why did she kill her 3 children along with the Cause of the murder.

Who is Sonia Loja?

Ms. Loja is the mom of the three children. The children all appear to have died by strangulation, and the mother’s suspected cause of death is asphyxia by hanging.

Police have established that Sonia Loja killed the three children before committing herself. The children were Junior Panjon, 12, Joselyn Panjon, 10, and Jonael Panjon, 5.

The mother’s death is thought to have been caused by suffocation by hanging, according to a statement from Danbury Police. The children all appear to have died from choking.

Initial results suggest Ms. Loja strangled her three children before killing herself, according to authorities, but an official autopsy has not yet been performed.

The mother and kids allegedly shared a residence with two other adults who weren’t present when the cops showed up, according to authorities.

Why did she kill her 3 children?

The three children’s deaths were found when police entered the one-family home Tuesday night. In a shed in the backyard, they discovered the mother of the kids. An investigation is ongoing.

Dean Esposito, the mayor of Danbury, responded to the incident and issued the following statement: “Yesterday, a truly appalling incident took place in our city, and we grieve the unfortunate lives lost.

In the next few days, mental health and counseling services will be offered in association with the City of Danbury and the Danbury Public Schools.

Our neighborhood mourns the innocent souls that were lost. Together, we can get through this “.

Cause of Murder

Danbury Mayor Dean Esposito, who visited the home to offer his help, said in a statement it was “a truly horrible event”.

“Our community mourns for the blameless lives taken from us. We will get through this together,” he said.

The family members are being shown support from local mental health services, police, and education agencies.

“As this is also an emotionally adverse incident for first responders, services have been extended to public safety personnel who responded to the scene,” Detective Lieutenant Williams added.

Autopsies are due to be carried out by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Farmington on Thursday morning.

What did the Police investigation convey?

Police stated that no one halted following the four deaths, and there was no threat to the public.
Police cars were shut off the road yesterday after the three young children, aged between five and 12, were found dead.

When officers came, they also found the body of a woman in a hut in the backyard.

The mother’s death is thought to have been caused by suffocation by hanging, and all of the children appear to have been killed by strangulation.

Preliminary research suggests that Ms. Loja strangled her three children before killing herself, however, an official autopsy has not yet been performed. This probe is still ongoing, though.

The woman and her children shared a home with two other adults, who were not there when the cops showed up, according to the investigators.

They have been contacted and informed of the occurrence, as have other members of their extended family.

To assist the deceased’s family and friends, the Mayor’s Office, the City’s Police, Fire, Health, Education, Emergency Management, and Health Departments, along with Nuance Health, have coordinated their efforts.

‘Services have been given to public safety professionals who reacted to the scene, as this is also an extremely taxing situation for first responders,’ the statement reads.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Farmington, Connecticut, has scheduled an autopsy of the dead for today morning. “Our hearts go out to the relatives and friends of the victims,” we say.

“A truly horrific occurrence occurred in our city yesterday and we lament the tragic loss of life,” says Mayor Dean Esposito, who traveled to the scene to give support.

Services for mental health and therapy will be offered in the coming days’ thanks to a partnership between the City of Danbury and the Danbury Public Schools.

“Our community is in deep sorrow over the innocent lives lost. Together, we can overcome this. After the horrific discovery yesterday evening, there is still a significant police presence on the street this morning.

Police Chief Patrick Ridenhour reported yesterday that officers went to a well-being check call at 10 Whaley St. at around 6:33 p.m. The caller was crying and inconsolable.

“When cops arrived, they entered the one-family home and found three dead people, all of them were children.

When they checked the property once more, they discovered a dead female inside a shed in the garden. According to Ridenhour, the incident in Danbury, which is about 50 miles northeast of New York City, appears to be isolated and the general public is not in any more danger.

Additionally, he said to NBC Connecticut: “We’re not going to skip a beat.” I don’t want to go too far in advance. Many of our officers are going through a really difficult time right now, especially those who had to go inside.

The 86,000 residents of the city of Danbury, including one neighbor named Tom Neville, expressed shock at the incident in what is often a calm neighborhood.

He stated to the neighborhood newspaper, “I was watering my flowers at 5 o’clock tonight and nothing.”
Nothing that appeared to be odd was happening at all.

Northeast of New York City, Danbury, Connecticut, is about 50 miles away. The body of a woman was discovered by police in the shed in the rear, it was disclosed last night.

The three kids, who ranged in age from five to twelve, are thought to be related. Today, police are anticipated to give an update on the probe. News12 Connecticut quoted another neighbor as saying, “They’d regularly see the kids playing at a park nearby.”

This occurs just a few weeks after Connecticut resident Shelby Dodson’s husband George Dodson is accused of killing her in a domestic violence attack.

Dodson is suspected of killing his wife by stabbing and assaulting her before setting fire to their New London home while their infant kid and she were still inside.

According to Meghan Stanlon, CEO of the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence, who previously spoke to Fox 61, “It was violent, as we’ve seen across the state over the last two years.”

“The violence has escalated in terms of homicides, therefore it is consistent in this scenario.” There have been kids as young as six. That has also been a pattern.


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