Who is Shylah Rodden? What happened to her? Rollercoaster injury Explained


Shylah Rodden Rollercoaster injury: The video of a woman being hit by a roller coaster has gone viral on Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube. Let’s see about Rollercoaster injury, Who is Shylah Rodden, and Footage of a Woman Hit by Roller Coaster in detail

Who is Shylah Rodden? What happened to her? Rollercoaster injury Explained

What happened to Shylah Rodden?

After being struck by a roller coaster during the Royal Melbourne Show on Sunday night, Roden, 26, is in critical condition at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Before being struck and launched 25 feet into the air, Rodden was reportedly attempting to grab a cell phone that had fallen off the tracks.

In the wake of a terrible vehicle accident last year, Roden has only regained his ability to walk.

The witness, who captured the moment he unintentionally struck the 26-year-old woman, claimed that the horror of it has kept him from sleeping since.

Later, a TikTok user released a video of the incident. Speeds on a roller coaster are greater than 40 mph.

Unidentified Jordan informed 7NEWS that while his sister and her friend rode around the roller coaster in front of him, he was shooting pictures of it.

Roden’s family, on the other hand, conveyed his injuries as “horrendous,” including numerous broken bones and brain damage.

Who is Shylah Rodden?

The young lady who was seriously injured when a rollercoaster struck her at the Royal Melbourne Show has made a modest step toward recovery but is still being treated in the hospital.

Shylah Rodden, 26, was thrown nine meters into the air before crashing on the ground and left battling for her life after being caught in the driving wagon.

According to a Royal Melbourne Hospital spokesman, Ms. Rodden’s condition is now deemed serious rather than critical. If she is still unconscious, is unknown.



The horrifying tragedy left the 26-year-old with many shattered bones, including her pelvis, legs, and arms, as well as brain damage.

She is thought to have stepped onto the tracks to get her phone when she was struck.

Unintentionally recording the fatal accident, a witness claimed he “hasn’t been able to sleep” ever since.

The man identified as Jordan told Seven News that everything happened simultaneously rapidly and slowly.

They explained that they were seated in the ride’s front carriage: “All of a sudden, I saw someone getting taken up but at the same time I’m thinking ‘f***, my sister, my girlfriend’.”

Shylah Rodden’s closer experience to death

The event involving Ms. Rodden happened just two months after another family tragedy. Her brother passed away in July, devastating the family.

But the Melbourne woman’s experience on the rollercoaster marked the second major turning point in her life.
She came perilously near to passing away only last year again.

According to the Daily Mail, Ms. Rodden had to relearn how to walk after a major automobile accident in Melbourne.

She hit a truck and another automobile while driving on the Western Ring Road in January 2021, and then her car flipped.

Alan Rodden, Ms. Rodden’s father, stated last week that his daughter suffered severe injuries in the accident and will remain in a coma “for quite a while.”

“The wounds are terrible. Horrific. Even the physicians have admitted that they haven’t seen anything this horrible in a while “said he.


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