Who is Scott Forrest? Oil Worker murder Suspect first picture released

Who is Scott Forest ? Oil Worker murder Suspect first picture released

The oil worker murder suspect accused of battering his colleague to death on a Qatar oil rig has been pictured for the first time. Let us see more details about Scott Forest and the incident that happened in detail.

Who is Scott Forrest?

Scott Forrest, 43, is alleged to have snapped and attacked his roommate with a breathing apparatus tank in a horror attack. The man, believed to be from Aberdeen, Scotland, is being held by police in Qatar amid a murder probe.

He believed to be a married father, was found dead on board the oil rig in the Persian Gulf by a colleague who is then understood to have also been attacked.

His LinkedIn page reveals he went to Aberdeen and Banff and Buchan colleges. He served long stints in the North Sea before he became a freelancer going wherever the contracts and money were.

He clocked up a year working for a firm based in Thailand before he headed to Qatar and the Seafox Burj rig. Former co-workers couldn’t believe it when they heard what had happened.

Tried to Flee in a Helicopter

According to reports, the two contractors were floating on the Seafox Burj platform off the coast of Qatar when one of them allegedly killed the other with a diving air tank.

It may be seen on the ground in a photo purported to be of the incident, with a mattress blocking the cabin’s front door.

According to reports, the suspect fled the platform by helicopter after the event in the early hours of Monday by hiding the body in the bathroom of their rooms.

But based on what is known, a third employee grew suspicious and discovered the body before he could flee.

Suspicious when he found the body

“The moment he saw the dead, the guy got suspicious and started seeking his friend. “Everything went crazy, and the person who (supposedly) killed him jumped the other person, punched him in the head, and then began strangling him.

“Fortunately, three men in a neighboring room heard the noise and forced the door open. “They ejected the assailant after a struggle and shouted for help.

Who is Scott Forest ? Oil Worker murder Suspect first picture released

Police and the Medical team arrived

Police and medical workers arrived by helicopter, and a man was taken into custody. The three men are all employees of Film-Ocean, a business that employs remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to examine the oil pipeline and other subaquatic machinery.

It’s understood that the alleged murderer, the injured man, and the deceased man are all from Aberdeen, whereas the murder victim is from the North East of England.

According to Film-Ocean, a fatal accident occurred at 1.40 a.m. on Monday, and another person was hurt. They also verified that a man had been detained by Qatari police.

Scott Forrest  Could face the death penalty

Scott Forrest  is currently being detained by Middle Eastern officials, and he may soon be executed. Tonight at the Maud, Aberdeenshire, family residence, a somber relative said: “We’re startled.”

Since everything happened, Scott and I haven’t spoken at all. Scott performed equipment underwater inspections while working in the oil business all over the world.

Former coworkers about Scott

When former coworkers heard what had occurred, they were in disbelief. “Shocked is an understatement,” one person said. He was my boss, and he was a nice person. I never thought he would be involved in something like this in a million years.

He was decent and entertaining. What in the world was happening there? Scott is charged with beating his coworker to death and then trying to conceal the body.

He allegedly begged to be evacuated due to a family emergency and planned to throw the corpse over the edge. When he staggered into the bloodbath, he allegedly hit Chris Begley in the head with a pipe.

To determine precisely what occurred, a thorough investigation has been started. One worker said living standards on oil rigs in the Middle East are far lower than crews would find closer to home.

Spokesman Statement about the Incident

A spokesman said they no longer had any staff on the Seafox Burj rig after Monday’s attack. He added: “Conditions offshore vary across different regions, but Film-Ocean has received no complaints from anyone representing the company regarding this rig.”

A spokesperson for the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) said: “We are supporting the family of a British man who has died and a man who has been injured in Qatar and are in contact with the local authorities.”

It is not believed that the incident was caused by drinking because oil rigs are alcohol-free, particularly in the devoutly Muslim nation of Qatar. The platform, which is one of 33 in the sizable Al-Shaheen offshore oil field about 50 miles off the northeast coast of Qatar, is owned and operated by North Oil Company.

The platform was completely locked down yesterday while police looked into the alleged murder.


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