Who is Robert Yacone? Suspect in Killing his wife Kimberly Yacone

Who is Robert Yacone? Suspect in Killing his wife Kimberly Yacone

The County Sheriff’s Office has announced that Robert “Bob” Yacone, a well-known chef from southern New Mexico who is charged with killing his wife, passed away on Wednesday morning. Let’s Find out More about Who is Robert Yacone and what is the cause of his shoot out.

Who is Robert Yacone ? Did he called his wife?

Yacone was charged with killing his wife Kim Yacone, 48, at their residence on September 18. Yacone was charged with first-degree murder. After shooting his wife, Bob Yacone got into a shootout with the sheriff’s office, according to DASO. Yacone was shot by deputies at least once at the couple’s home on Vista de Oro in Picacho Hills during the gunfire.

No firearms were located on or near Yacone, even though Yacone claimed to have a gun and charged at deputies before being shot, according to a criminal complaint submitted to the Doa Ana County Magistrate Court on Tuesday.

The couple previously had a restaurant in Deming and now owns Forghedaboudit Southwest Italian in Las Cruces. After less than four years of marriage, according to court records, Kimberly Yacone filed for divorce from her husband, stating “discord and conflict of personalities that have wrecked the marital bond.”

The El Paso County Medical Examiner’s Office informed the DASO that Yacone passed away on November 16 at about 6:30 a.m., according to the DASO. Since the shooting, Bob Yacone has been hospitalized in El Paso and is under constant observation, according to the sheriff’s office. DASO made no more announcements.

Violent encounters before the shooting

Picacho Hills’ Forghedaboudit Southwest Italian was owned by Kim Yacone. The executive chef was Bob Yacone. Social media posts and news reports have shed light on the Yacones over the past few years, first for incendiary posts and subsequently for domestic violence.

When Robert Yacone was charged with felony child abuse following a driving rage incident in Deming in 2018, he entered a no-contest plea in 2014. Due to his deferred term, the charge of having a handgun while a felon was withdrawn. Yacone was accused of pointing a weapon at a passing car in the 2018 case, but in the end, he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct in Sixth Judicial District Court.

According to DASO, they attended to domestic disturbance complaints at Yacone’s house twelve times in 2022. Kim Yacone filed petitions for protection orders against her husband in 2022 in February, March, and August due to domestic abuse. Two counter-petition claims of abuse by her were made by Bob Yacone. Orders of protection were frequently dismissed, according to Kim Yacone, who claimed the pair was receiving counseling.

Kim Yacone filed for divorce in February, but it appears that she put the process on hold in March, according to court records. Then, in August, she asked for a hearing, and a judge was appointed to the case. She had hinted at leaving her home in recent weeks by posting in several local Facebook groups about wanting to sell some of her possessions.

Third District Judge Mary Rosner signed a temporary protective order on Friday, Sept. 16, ordering Kim Yacone to leave home and give her husband temporary custody of the minor child. A hearing had been set for Sept. 26.

Siblings Struggle

According to the complaint, Kimberly Yacone’s 17-year-old son admitted to authorities that his stepfather shot her because he was upset and said: “she didn’t love him.” Robert Yacone allegedly told one of his siblings that he was going to commit suicide before crashing his truck into the garage, according to the adolescent. The daughter of Robert Yacone, who resides in New York, allegedly said deputies that her father called to inform her that he had shot his wife and was “freaking out.” The girl claimed that Kimberly Yacone had been unfaithful and claimed that her father had been drinking.

The daughter called another brother and he called 911 before going to the home and finding his mother dead in her bedroom, according to the complaint. The brother told deputies he was crying and called 911 when his father pulled into the driveway. Deputies said the brother told them he ran to a neighbor’s house to seek help, but “was told to go away.”

From New York to Deming

In 2013, Robert Yacones and Kimberley Yacones opened the Forghedaboutit restaurant in Deming. Over the years, the eatery’s pizza and wings received widespread acclaim. The pair launched a second restaurant in Picacho Hills, a suburb of Las Cruces, in 2019. Later, the Deming location was shuttered.

The Yacones were aiming to expand in the Las Cruces area in 2018, and the company’s contentious social media statements garnered media attention. Many of the restaurant’s comments to Yelp reviews mentioned having a “New York attitude” when handling customer service issues. In an interview with the Sun-News, Bob Yacone, who claimed to have relocated to Deming from New York City in 2013, just before launching his restaurant, thought back on that.

“We always say what’s on our mind,” he said in 2018. “It reflects how we feel, and we defend it.” Yacone smiled and replied, “I have a ‘funny’ past, and I’ll just say that,” when questioned at the time about the portraits of New York mafia personalities, real and imagined, that adorn the brick walls of the dining room in Deming.

DASO Committee in Mourning

The Republican Party of New Mexico mourned the loss of Kimberly Yacone, a member of the Doña Ana County Republican Party Executive Committee.

“This was a real tragedy … ” Kim Skaggs, RPNM executive director, said in a news release. “This was a senseless act of violence and a blow to the Doña Ana County GOP and the entire community.”


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