Who is Rafus Alexander? Dollar General clerk charged after shooting alleged robbery suspect

A clerk at a Dollar General in Louisiana was arrested by police and charged with manslaughter after they claimed he fired at an armed robber. Let’s see Who Rafus Alexander is and about the case in detail.

Who is Rafus Alexander?

On January 3, police from the Monroe Police Department attended a complaint of a shooting and robbery at Dollar General.

Rafus Alexander was reportedly working as a clerk when an armed robber entered, according to a probable cause affidavit submitted to the Ouachita County Sheriff’s Office by the police.

According to the police, Alexander shot the suspect, striking both him and a customer inside the shop.

Police said,

“The suspect in the armed robbery would be located north of the store, lying in the money he had just robbed the store of.” 

Police said the alleged robbery victim was taken by EMS to a hospital, where he eventually passed away.


According to the police affidavit, Rafus Alexander shut the door, activated the alarm, and fled the building after the incident.

Later, when he went to the police station to provide a statement, he said that

“he was afraid the suspect was going to kill him when he pulled out the gun and robbed the store.”

According to investigators, Rafus Alexander claimed he fled the scene because he didn’t realize the gunfire had hit the suspect, according to a report in the News Star.

Since August, Alexander reported to the police that there have been four armed robberies and two attempted robberies at the store.

Rafus Alexander was brought to the Ouachita Correctional Center after being charged with manslaughter and was kept there without bond. He reportedly admitted to the police that he simply shot at the subject and was unaware that he hit him as he fled.

He also claimed that this was the store’s sixth armed robbery since August, according to police.




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