Who is Precious, 16? Man who raped his brother’s wife and nine other girls arrested

A 16-year-old kid named Precious has been taken into custody by the Amotekun state security unit of Ondo for reportedly raping nine women in the state as well as his brother’s wife. Let’s see Who Precious is and about the man who raped his brother’s wife and nine other girls in detail.

Boy Detained in Ondo for Rape

Adetunji Adeleye, the state commander of Amotekun, revealed this on Friday while bringing the suspect and other criminals before the media in Akure, the state’s capital.

Adeleye reported that the suspect admitted to having raped his brother’s wife outside of the town.

Following his arrest by the Amotekun Corps, Precious, a 16-year-old kid, confessed to raping his brother’s wife and nine other girls.

He claims that Precious entered his brother’s bedroom and took advantage of his wife when she was naked and sleeping.

Precious statement

The boy also acknowledged raping nine additional females in Laosun, an agricultural hamlet in the Ondo West local government area, in an interview with newsmen.

He said, “In Laosun, I have raped nine girls. Some of them are 19 or 25 years, in the night, I will go into their rooms and start sleeping with them.”

“I do not use gun or knives to threaten them. Sometimes I would be caught and they would beat me and leave me.”

“I have been arrested before. I was arrested for stealing 25 litres of palm oil. I wanted to gather money to use it to buy phone.”

“I came to the house and saw my brother’s wife sleeping naked. I went into the room and slept with her.”

The Amotekun Commander Statement

The state commander of Amotekun, Chief Adetunji Adeleye, paraded the suspect alongside other criminals in Akure, the state’s capital, and claimed that the suspect had raped his brother’s wife when he went outside the town.

Adetunji Adeleye stated that the suspect will be brought to court shortly as the inquiry was over.

“Operation Gba’le Gba’ko”

Adeleye reported that following the start of “Operation Gba’le Gba’ko,” over 100 individuals had been detained in the previous week.

The suspects, he continued, were detained for offences including kidnapping, armed robbery, theft, and membership in a group that specialised in damaging electrical poles.

According to Adeleye, “some kidnap suspect were arrested with huge sums of money in an area where ransom payment was made. During this yuletide period, it is zero tolerance to criminal activities in Ondo.”

” We have about 300 men on all major roads leading in and out of the state,” he claimed. “We have patrol vehicles. This is to ensure people can sleep with their two eyes closed.”


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