Who is Haziq Nasri? Meet the 14 year old boy millionaire made his fortune from Bitcoin

Who is Haziq Nasri? Meet the 14 year old boy millionaire made his fortune from Bitcoin

CRYPTO COLLECTION Inside the incredible £1million car collection of a 14-year-old ‘Bitcoin millionaire’ featuring a Ferrari and Lamborghini. Let’s find out Who is Haziq Nasri and more about his car collection.

Who is Haziq Nasri

A 14-year-old “millionaire” has used social media to display an amazing automobile collection to his fans. Meet the 14 year old boy millionaire made his fortune from Bitcoin .On his TikTok channel, Haziq Nasri claims to have over 40,000 followers and that Bitcoin is the source of his wealth.

14 year old boy millionaire

Who is Haziq Nasri? He claims to have an amazing collection of automobiles and resides in Malaysia, but many people have questioned whether any of them are his online. Nevertheless, he begins his video by declaring, “Let’s go, here is my whole automobile collection as a 14-year-old Bitcoin millionaire in 2022.”

Nasri claims that a Toyota IQ, which he paid “half a Bitcoin” for when he was ten years old, was the first car he purchased in 2018. His black Range Rover Sport .

Autobiography follows, which Haziq claims he purchased when he was 12 years old in 2020. he same year, he also treated himself to a blue Ferrari FF – a V12 four-seat supercar. Then it’s on to his latest purchase, a bright yellow Lamborghini Aventador.

Nasri says: “700hp, 6.5-litre V12, crazy engine.” All of these cars were bought within four years and a Camaro is going to come so stay tuned.” But not everybody is convinced that Nasri is the owner of the cars. One person commenting on the video said: “Imagine owning so many cars but can’t drive it.” Another said: “Millionaire living in terrace housing area? Interesting.”

A third said: “I Don’t hate you, but why to buy such an expensive car collection if you can’t even drive legally by age?”. While another person joked: “Dad: hey son what are you doing recording my car? Son: ahh mmmm nothing.”

Incredible collection of cars

Haziq Nasri claims he’s a 14-year-old millionaire who owns this Lamborghini.

Nasri says this Toyota IQ was his first car and it cost him ‘half a Bitcoin.

Haziq also claims he bought this four-seat V12 Ferrari FF in 2020.

Also in 2020 he says he treated himself to a black Range Rover Sport Autobiography.


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