Who is Nicha? Jo Lindner’s girlfriend shares last moments before his death

Nicha, Jo Lindner’s girlfriend.  (Source: Instagram/ Jo Lindner)

Tragically, it has been reported that Jo Lindner, a well-known German bodybuilder and a key player in the social media space, has passed away. As soon as the sad news of his passing began to circulate on social media, everyone became interested in learning more about his personal life. Continue reading to learn in-depth information about Jo Lindner’s personal life and her girlfriend.


Jo Linder death:

Sadly, Jo Lindner, better known by his stage name Joesthetics, a respected German fitness influencer and bodybuilder, passed away, leaving his followers and the fitness industry in shock.

Jo Lindner was a well-known fitness blogger who has a sizable international following, born in Germany on January 14, 1993, and passed away on July 1, 2023, at the age of 30.

On July 1, 2023, the first report of Jo’s demise appeared.

The tragic news was shared on social media by the star’s close pal Noel Deyzel.

His friend Noel Deyzel said:

“Rest in peace Jo. I still keep checking my phone waiting for your reply so we can meet at the gym. I’m broken bro. You opened your arms up to us, you showed us so much about life and social media. Your generosity towards myself and others will always stay with me.”

He served as a global center of information and entertainment for the fitness industry. He frequently recorded himself discussing in-depth the regimen he follows to keep his physique.

The Joesthetics Workout System, created by Jo to satisfy the particular needs and objectives of aspiring bodybuilders, has gained him recognition.

Jo Lindner’s success as a bodybuilder and fitness influencer resulted in a large net worth. Jo Lindner’s net worth is estimated to be $800,000 as of 2023. He attracted a sizable following on Instagram under the handle @joesthetics, who admired his exercise regimens, fitness advice, and dedication to leading a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Many people are interested in Jo’s personal life, especially his girlfriend, even though his dynamic presence and contributions to the fitness industry will be much missed. Joesthetics kept his romantic life somewhat secret by never officially disclosing the name of his girlfriend. On the other hand, his Instagram feed offers peeks into his private life.


Who is Nicha, Jo Lindner’s girlfriend ?

Jo Lindner hinted at a possible relationship in a video he published on August 4th and tagged a person by the name of Nicha.

Nicha, who goes by the Instagram handle @immapeaches and has close to 102k followers, is a health and fitness enthusiast just like Jo. She regularly shared photos of her working out and taking care of her physical health.

Jo appears in multiple images on Nicha’s Instagram page, proving that she was Joesthetics’ girlfriend. These photos show a couple who seemed content and supportive of one another during their shared moments.

Nicha has had outstanding success in the fitness sector. She won the Thailand Muscle Championship in 2021 and the IFBB Bikini Class B in 2022, respectively.

Nicha provides online fat-reduction and weight-loss programmes that may be accessed through direct messaging.

With their mutual enthusiasm for exercise and impressive achievements, Jo and Imma, Peaches have emerged as significant names in the fitness world.


Heartfelt Message from Jo Lindner’s Girlfriend Imma Peaches

Jo Lindner’s fiancée uploaded a photo of them together on Instagram after announcing his death.

She claimed that Jo was the best companion someone could ask for.

She described how they spent their last moments hugging, lying back, and waiting to meet Noel at the gym.

Tragically, Jo’s unexpected aneurysm destroyed it. She spoke of the neck pain he had been experiencing in the days before he passed away, which they weren’t completely aware of until it was too late.

She hesitated to communicate her emotions because she was so grieving. She emphasised Jo’s exceptional traits, calling him gentle, kind, strong, diligent, devoted, honest, and intellectual.

Even when others questioned her ability, he continued to have faith in everyone, especially her.


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A post shared by NICHA (@immapeaches)

She highlighted Jo’s commitment to his audience by pointing out that he methodically writes his postings, pays close attention to each and every comment, and personally answers to everyone from his bedroom.

Even though he occasionally lost enthusiasm, he never relaxed or gave up since he knew eight million people were depending on him.

“Keep pushing and stay strong” was his motto. She asked people to think of Jo as Joesthetics, a remarkable persom who accomplished so much thanks to his efforts.

His accomplishments and influence were enormous, and he left behind a remarkable legacy. Imma concluded by pleading with everyone to appreciate and respect his memory.

It is clear that their friendship gave joy and happiness to both of their lives, even though the specifics of his relationship with Nicha may stay private.

Those who knew Jo Lindner personally and his devoted followers have surely felt a hole in their lives upon his demise.

The fitness community expresses its sorrow on Joesthetics’ passing while also offering its sympathies to Nicha and Jo’s families during the difficult time.

The legacy Jo leaves behind will ensure that people always remember his contributions to the fitness sector and his inspirational journey.


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