Who is Karim Azizi? Suspect Accused of bashing a man from behind in brutal .NYC baseball bat attack released

Who is Karim Azizi? Suspect Accused of bashing a man from behind in brutal .NYC baseball bat attack released

The Manhattan man, Karim Azizi busted for a brutal caught-on-camera bat attack is back on the street after making bail, court records show. Let’s see more details about the incident in detail.

Karim Azizi arrested for Assault

Karim Azizi, 36, was detained on Wednesday and charged in relation to a videotaped attack on a man in broad daylight. According to his lawyer, he was charged that day and released from custody early on Thursday morning after his girlfriend posted bail.

The NYPD arrested Karim on three separate occasions on Wednesday morning: for assault, attempted assault, and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Police believe Azizi was responsible for the vicious assault that was caught on camera.

What did the Lawyer say?

Azizi’s lawyer Jason Goldman stated, “He posted the entire $7,500 bond amount and is at liberty.

According to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, prosecutors requested that the court set bail at $40,000 due to the severity of the attack; nevertheless, the judge set bail at $7,500.

Azizi has no past criminal history and was taken into custody on Wednesday at about 8 a.m. Assault, attempted assault, and criminal possession of a weapon are the charges brought against him. The attack on West 148th Street and Amsterdam Avenue in Harlem took place on November 29.

Victims Condition as per the Reports

This image shows a man punching a 47-year-old man on the back of the head. He goes down the street while wearing an all-black outfit and covering his face.

The victim collapses to the ground and writhes in agony. The suspect appears to yell and stamp at the man when he returns after walking away.

After being transported to a hospital, the victim’s status was stable. A criminal complaint reveals that the arresting officer claimed the victim had various wounds. It includes blood on the face and head, swelling on the back of the skull, and a laceration on the front of the head.

Who is Karim Azizi? Suspect Accused of bashing a man from behind in brutal .NYC baseball bat attack released

What is the Motive of the attack?

The attack’s motive has not been made public by the authorities. According to police sources quoted in The New York Post, the defendant and the victim quarreled verbally before the incident.

Azizi was labeled as a “flight risk” by the prosecution when they noted that he allegedly fled the scene after attacking the victim, indicating “a likelihood to flee punishment.” His next court appearance is scheduled for Monday.

Netizens Reaction

.Why wasn’t this man accused of trying to kill someone? Isn’t it logical to assume that if you hit someone in the head from behind, he will pass away? The brutal incident was caught on camera. A complete failure of this country’s legal and judicial systems.

The jails in NYC operate on a rotating basis. It’s difficult to believe after watching that footage that he was released the next day on a bail of $7500 with a $750 surety for using a baseball bat to strike someone in the back of the head. He receives a warning, and he will continue to act in this way.

Attempted murder, a felony. assault with a dangerous weapon fled the scene, and felony aggravated assault. The guy should not be released on bond, but the leftist district attorney supports almost no bail. Do not doubt that this man will come up again shortly.

Social Media Posting

Crime in NYC Posted

Karim Azizi, 36, charged with assault for Nov 6 baseball bat attack at Amsterdam Avenue and West 148th Street, posted $7,500 bail and was released. He has no prior arrests.

Eames Santos Posted

I used to wonder why the mob exists, then I learned that the government is the high-level mob bosses

Major Posted

On top of it, we have to live next to people like Azizi because landlords can no longer factor in criminal history in approving residents.

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