Who is Jose Hiram Rivera? Meet the refree punched by boxer Mario Aguilar

Jose Hiram Rivera

After taking a powerful left hook from Mexican boxing legend Mario Aguilar on the chin, a boxing official showed how to take a punch. Let’s see who is Jose Hiram Rivera.

Jose Hiram Rivera

Aguilar faced off against undefeated Brandon Glanton on September 9 at the ProBox Event Centre in Florida for the cruiserweight WBO Global Title.

Glanton was the overwhelming favourite to win going into the bout, and many people predicted that the American would succeed in the sport.

The 31-year-old Aguilar had to take advantage of every knockout opportunity that was provided to him because he entered the fight as a clear underdog, and he didn’t hold back.


Aguilar strikes the referee flush

When his fizzing right hook connected with considerable force, Aguilar must have been prepared to pop the cork and start the party.

It would have been surprising to learn if his devastating punch had landed directly on the referee’s face rather than Glanton’s head.

The referee took the punch and carried on presiding over the battle in what can only be described as amazing sights.

The extraordinary scene may be seen in the video provided by Twitter user @GloversStories.

After landing the strike, Aguilar quickly put Glanton in a headlock in an effort to keep the fight under control.

Aguilar’s intervention, it became evident, was completely unneeded as the referee separated the two boxers and continued the battle.

Video: The official receives a severe hook to the face

Immediately after that, 30-year-old Californian Glanton notched his 17th straight victory, continuing to make waves in the cruiserweight division.

In the second round, Glanton successfully connected with a left hook to the body to end the bout. Aguilar couldn’t go on anymore.

Fans clap in response to the boxing referee taking a huge hook like a pro

The referee’s granite jaw, however, received the majority of the praise as the video went viral on twitter. The clip was labelled with “THE REFEREE HAS GOT A CHIN” by @GloversStories.

Lou DiBella, a boxing promoter, responded to the footage with the following tweet: “This actually happened tonight. The ref receives the best blow of the round.

Given the force of the punch, it’s amazing he is still standing!

Fans of boxing from all over the world said, “He took that nicely.” Many snidely remarked, “Would have been doing the chicken dance after that landed,” in reference to Amir Khan.

What the clip doesn’t show is the referee coming back with a steel chair, other people added jokingly.

Although referees frequently get caught in the crossfire, few few truly absorb the force of a hit to the jaw.

A female official in boxing recently exhibited the fortitude necessary for the job after getting hit during a heavyweight match at the Commonwealth Games.

Few need reminding of the perilous nature of boxing officiating than the incident in April when Mexican official Jesus Grandos was taken to the hospital on a stretcher after taking a punch from Irvin Turrubiartes.



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