Who is Jose Alba? Bodega clerk who stabbed Austin Simon in self defense


Who is Jose Alba? Bodega clerk who stabbed Austin Simon in self defense

Jose Alba, the owner of the Bodega store in New York, who was arrested for murder case recently. Let’s see who is Jose Alba? Bodega clerk who stabbed Austin Simon in self defense.

Who is Jose Alba?

Jose Alba, a 51-year-old American employee at a bodega in New York City, was charged with murder and imprisoned in Jail after he brutally gored Austin Simon during an argument in the shop.

The argument became physical as Simon entered the shop, cornered Alba, and forced him to sit down. These are all live incidents captured on camera.

Simon was severely stabbed in the neck and chest during the argument by Alba, with a knife.

Alba came to the country more than 30 years ago, and she has never been to jail or prison before.

Jose Alba’s daughter Yulissa stated to the New York Post: That her father has “never hurt someone, he’s never had an encounter where he’s had to defend himself.

This is the first time for him,” he said, defending his actions as acts of self-defense, adding that “at the time, it was either him or the person.”

Alba’s family made an effort to support him by starting a GoFundMe campaign to raise the money needed to cover his bond. However, after the family had already received $20,000 in donations, the platform abruptly and without warning removed the web entry.


Jose Alba murder case’s allegations

Jose Alba, a Bodega employee, is currently in custody after being accused of murder in connection with a horrific occurrence that took place on Friday, July 1, 2022. The event happened on Friday, and a guy was killed with a knife.

Alba, the owner of a bodega in New York City, was arrested early on Saturday morning in connection with a fatal stabbing that authorities are investigating as a case of self-defense.

To find out the entire story, keep reading.

A 37-year-old client is accused of causing anarchy inside the business and the proprietor of the Blue Moon Convenience Store on Broadway near 139th Street is accused of stabbing him in the chest and back out of self-defense.

The customer was provoking the trouble, the cops claimed. Austin Simon, the customer, was seen on surveillance camera racing behind the counter to question Alba about the prices of the snacks he had in store, which further clarifies the situation. The conversation quickly heated up and eventually turned physical after Austin shoved Alba.

Alba is then seen grabbing a knife and starting to stab Austin. The abuse victim was rushed by EMS to Harlem Hospital, where she was later declared dead.As the terrified clerk attempted to pass him, the ex-con grabbed Alba before grabbing a knife and stabbing Simon at least five times.

Alba was allegedly stabbed three times in the shoulder and hand by Simon’s girlfriend after she allegedly took a knife from her purse, claims Alba’s attorney. The DA’s office merely stated that “we are continuing to analyze the material and the inquiry is ongoing”; she has not been charged.

The authorities arrested 51-year-old Alba on murder charges and illegal weapon possession. The inquiry is still ongoing, and no information regarding Alba’s lawyer has been made public as of yet.

It appears that Jodi had a wife, a son, and a daughter, and each of them offered a statement in support of Alba’s right to self-defense when she committed such heinous acts at Jodi’s store.

Each member of Jodi’s family separately provided a statement. Similar to this, a GoFundMe account has been set up to assist Jose Alba, a dedicated businessman in the borough of Manhattan.

According to the report, he was attacked by an upset client and had to defend himself. His bail and legal bills will be covered by this donation. After being released on bail in the widely reported case, the Manhattan bodega clerk charged with murder after fending off a violent ex-con in his store over the weekend eventually made it home Thursday night.

Jose Alba headed home Thursday after his arrest.

Finally Alba Released from jail after posting bail

Prior to his release, Alba had been detained at Rikers Island on suspicion of murder in connection with the Friday night fatal altercation he had with Austin Simon, 35, inside the Hamilton Heights bodega where he works.

Alba’s boss and family members contributed the $5,000 needed to release him on a bail bond. In addition to being prohibited from leaving New York City and having to give up his passport as part of his release arrangement, Alba also agreed not to take a previously scheduled trip to the Dominican Republic.

People reacts to Jose Alba and Austin Simon case.

Dana Loesch tweeted,

The consequence of willfully engaging in violent, criminal behavior is that you may meet lethal force as a defense against that violent, criminal behavior. Don’t want the consequence? Then don’t FA and FO. #FreeJoseAlba

 Gun Owners of America tweeted,

 Imagine being assaulted in your place of work, defending yourself, and then being sent to prison for it. If you’re a victim in NYC that’s not just a nightmare—that’s reality. Self-defense is not a crime and Jose Alba did nothing wrong. #FreeJoseAlba

 Kareem Michel tweeted,

 Free the Manhattan bodega worker, Jose Alba. There is no reason why he should be charged with murder for defending himself. #freeJoseAlba

 Nickie Kane for NY

Tell DA Alvin Bragg to stop criminalizing self-defense and drop the charges against Jose Alba. #freejosealba #NYC

 News Uncovered tweeted,

So @gofundme took down the Jose Alba fund? So a guy who got shot trying to pull a guy out of his car can stay on there but someone legitimately defending themselves, nahhh. #freeJoseAlba

 Enter Nigel tweeted,

SCUMBAG OF THE DAY DA Bragg @ManhattanDA is our scum of the day for prosecuting Jose Alba when the bodega worker defended himself in his workplace. #FreeJoseAlba

 Libnot tweeted,

Good. Total self-defense. Is this the ‘Bernie Goetz’ moment of NYC again???@RudyGiuliani Spark something in these pieces of garbage prosecutors and lawmakers. NYC bodega worker Jose Alba freed on murder rap after bail is lowered in a self-defense case

 LaLaFañtasma tweeted,

 Jose Alba’s family has established a new link to pay his outrageous bail and obtain legal representation so they can end this nightmare. I have personally verified this with his son Danny. We shouldn’t have to live this way. #freeJoseAlba

 Enrique Antonio Gamez tweeted,

  Jose Alba,51, stabbed & killed a 37yr old man who went behind the counter to attack him in a NY bodega bc he was mad about a bag of chips. #freeJoseAlba #SelfDefense

The video link of Jose Alba case given below:



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