Who is Jonathan Ellerington?Compassionate homeless man made final bed for his dog before he die outside Costa

Jonathan Ellerington

A homeless man made a bed for his dog before he died during the night outside a Costa coffee shop. Let’s see who is Jonathan Ellerington in detail.

How did Jonathan Ellerington die?

Jon Ellerington was well-known in Hull city center and frequently spoke to customers and workers while accompanied by his beloved dog Teddy.

CCTV footage showed him appearing to droop and lose consciousness just a few days before Christmas last year, according to an inquiry investigating his death.

Many others made attempts to contact Jon during the course of the following few hours, and two men even dropped him some food. Sadly, he was discovered dead on the sidewalk the next morning, according to Hull Live.

Jonathan Ellerington cause of death:

A homeless Yorkshire father was discovered dead outside Costa, after making a bed for his dog. Jonathan Ellerington, 41, made a last-ditch effort to cut drugs. The inquest heard on Thursday that Jon had urgently tried to quit a drug habit so he could see his daughter.

An inquest investigating his death heard that days before Christmas of last year, CCTV footage showed him appearing to slump and lose consciousness.

A post-mortem investigation indicated Jon had methadone and potentially fatal quantities of heroin in his system at the time of his death in Ferensway on December 18 of last year. The painkillers and sedatives that he taken would have affected his breathing and slowed his heart.

“Jon did come off the narcotics from time to time and would go cold turkey, but it would never last,” his sister, who called him a “loveable guy,” added.

He genuinely got clean for two years in order to communicate with his kid. He was able to secure employment at Wren Kitchens and Crown Paints during that time.”

She further stated in a statement: “He would also look after my boys sometimes. Jon is a loveable guy and is seen as the fun uncle. He was also a bit of a joker.”

Who is Jonathan Ellerington?

Jonathan Ellerington was a 41 year old homeless man from Yorkshrine. He was well-known in Hull city. The home of Jon’s large family, which included seven siblings, was a bustling one.

Jon didn’t love school very much, although his sister noted that he was intelligent and enjoyed Maths and history. His sister believed that a serious incident at secondary school may have contributed to his later addiction.

Since Jon frequently appeared to be sleeping rough in the city centre, many people who saw him assumed he was homeless. He actually had a supporting family and a kind partner.

Even though Jon was frequently spotted sleeping on the streets, he and his partner shared a house in Gipsyville. He occasionally took Teddy to the city center, where he ended up sleeping on the streets.

However, when approached by individuals offering assistance, he never disputed the notion that he was homeless.

Hull city’s condolences:

A passerby who was concerned about Jon’s situation in the freezing temps made a last-ditch effort to locate him shelter just days before he was discovered dead. After Jon informed Sophia Jama that he had been camped out next to the Anlaby Road flyover, she made an effort to provide him with a place to stay.
However, she claimed that after getting in touch with Hull City Council and the homeless organization Emmaus, she was informed that no housing was available because Jon was with Teddy.

Hull City Council extended their condolences to Jon’s family at the time, emphasizing that assistance was available for anyone with dogs who were homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Additionally, Emmaus released a statement indicating it thought Jon had access to accommodation before the tragedy.

Jon’s sister’s statement:

His sister stated that Jon paid her a visit the day before he died and was a little worse for wear. He was knocking into stuff, so she asked him to go, but it was all in good fun. She claimed Jon’s drug addiction caused both physical and mental problems, and there were worries he would lose a leg.

Jon sought help from the drug and alcohol treatment programme Renew in his efforts to get clean. He kept in touch with them frequently and admitted to taking just one dose of heroin in December of last year, with little other drug use in the six months before to his death.

He added that he had no plans to injure himself or take his own life. The Costa Cafe employee who discovered Jon on the morning of December 18 provided testimony as well. She believed she noticed a bunch of clothing outside when she turned around. Later, she walked outside later for a cigarette break and noticed someone was resting there, but she didn’t want to disturb him.

She realized Jon had not moved when she returned outside a short while later to open up, so she went over to see how he was doing. He was dead, she realized.

Jon’s final moments:

Police from Humberside looked into Jon’s passing. The day before, there had been an altercation outside the Royal Hotel, and CCTV footage captured Jon appearing to approach security personnel before yelling insults.
He was escorted away, and no proof of violence was found.

CCTV footage from the evening of December 17 also captured Jon walking up to Costa and sitting down. He was spotted preparing his bed and a bed for Teddy, his dog. He was seen collapsing and seemed to lose consciousness approximately 8.30 p.m.

The following several hours’ worth of video showed a number of individuals stopping by Jon to see how he was doing, some of whom even interacted with his dog. At one time, two men left him a bag of takeout food.
Nobody ever expressed hostility or violence toward him.


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