Who is Jarid Haddock? Suspect committed suicide after killing 3 people in Yakima, What happened? Explained


 Who is Jarid Haddock? Suspect committed suicide after killing 3 people in Yakima, What happened? Explained

Overnight fatal shooting in Yakima: Yakima Police Chief Matt Murray labeled the incident as a triple homicide following the suspect’s death following a “random” shooting that left three people dead in Washington state. A suspect was discovered with gunshot wounds. Let’s see Who is Jarid Haddock and what happened to the Suspect and what was his motive to kill him in detail.

Who is Jarid Haddock?

Who is Jarid Haddock

What happened to the suspect?

According to the Yakima Police Chief, the suspect in the fatal shooting that occurred overnight in Yakima, Washington, took his own life and died as a result.

The suspect presumably shot himself in the head before the police arrived. No one saw him do that, but there were police who heard the bullets, according to Police Chief Matt Murray.

Despite efforts by authorities to save his life, Murray claims that he was later declared dead. The suspect had been detained, according to a prior statement by the chief.

Murray stated that although the suspect will need to be officially identified, authorities are confident he was responsible for the shootings that left three people dead.


How did the shooting take place?

In Yakima, Washington, three people were shot to death minutes apart. Yakima Police Chief Matt Murray released this image from a security camera to the public after identifying the culprit as 21-year-old Jarid Haddock.

Police heard gunshots as they approached a 21-year-old man who was being sought in connection with the senseless killing of three people at a convenience store in Yakima, Washington, early on Tuesday.

Paramedics were treating him, according to authorities. In a video message shared online, Yakima Police Chief Matt Murray stated that a suspect’s relative dialed 911 on Tuesday afternoon.

When police arrived at the suspect’s hiding place behind a few warehouses, they heard gunshots, and paramedics arrived to treat him.

Murray stated in the social media message without providing further details that police did not use force and that no officers were hurt. To provide more information, he arranged a news conference for 4 p.m. This does seem to put an end to this matter, he remarked.

Authorities looked for the suspect, Jarid Haddock of Yakima County, earlier in the day, forcing the closure of parts of numerous roads.

The deceased, who was discovered dead at the Circle K convenience store at 3:30 in the morning, was not immediately given any information. Police, according to Murray, have security camera footage as well as store witnesses.

What did the police reports confess?

According to Yakima Police Chief Matt Murray in a video posted on Facebook, a suspect was detained on Tuesday in connection with a shooting that occurred overnight in Washington state and left three people dead.

As per Murray, police were called by the alleged shooter’s family member who claimed to be able to locate the man behind some warehouses.

When the police came, they heard gunshots, and a man was hurt. However, no officers fired at the suspect, and no policemen were hurt, according to Murray, who said additional details would be made public later on Tuesday.

Homicide suspect

According to a Facebook post, the police department had previously named Jarid Haddock, 21, a resident of Yakima County, as the “presumed homicide suspect.”

According to a police spokesperson, road closures in the area on Tuesday morning were “connected to the early morning homicides.” Authorities were responding with SWAT, and drones were flying over the area.

Police have surrounded a house close to the intersection of University Parkway and West Birchfield Road, according to Tabitha Johnson, an employee at a local company, who told CNN that the area has been put under lockdown.

Authorities have been present, according to Johnson, since before 9:00 a.m. local time. About two miles to the east of where shots were fired early this morning is the location that police have cordoned off.


Authorities explaining how they handled the situation

The suspect pulled into the ARCO/ampm petrol station, according to Murray, and “attempted to go into the lobby,” but he discovered the doors were shut.

He crossed the street and went to Circle K, Murray said. He pulls out his revolver as he enters the store, and while two individuals are getting food, he shoots them.

According to Murray, both individuals passed away. After that, the suspect shot another individual, who also died, as he left the business. According to Murray, the man returned across the street to the ARCO/ampm gas station, where he fired into a car before escaping.

Although the police have not identified the owner of the car, they think it may belong to the suspect. Working at Elite Towing and Recovery, Justin Bumbalogh claimed to have been dozing off when he heard gunshots. The incident, according to police, happened at 3:30 a.m. local time.

Bumbalogh claimed to have heard nine gunshots, and he recalled a clear pause between the two groups of bullets. Shortly after the gunfire, according to him, police arrived.

It seems like a random circumstance, Murray remarked. “The male just stepped in and started firing. There was no obvious disagreement between the parties.”

According to Steve Bernd of the FBI’s Seattle Field Office, they are aware of the situation and are in touch with the Yakima Police in case they need assistance.


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