Who is James Ford? A Cop found guilty of raping a 13 year old girl


Who is James Ford? A Cop found guilty of raping a 13 year old girl

A police officer was found guilty of raping a child and of trying to tamper with justice by wiping his phone. Let’s see Who is James Ford the Cop who was found guilty of raping a 13-year-old girl in detail

Who is James Ford?

A young girl was raped by a “predatory” police officer, who was found guilty. James Ford, a Hertfordshire Police intervention officer, was convicted of 10 counts of sex offenses against the same minor.

The offenses were committed between late 2019 and late 2021, Cambridge Crown Court was informed. By resetting his phone, he was also found guilty of tampering with the process of justice.

The former Bishop’s Stortford resident, 31, will be sentenced on Friday. As the jury read their judgments, Ford bowed his head and started to cry. Ford was given a lengthy jail sentence by Mr. Justice Bryan, who also remanded the defendant into custody.

Ford began working for Hertfordshire Police in 2019 as a uniformed response officer stationed in the county’s east, however, he has been on administrative leave since November 2021.

James Ford felt Guilty

The jury found him guilty on four charges of rape against a minor, two counts of penetration assault against a minor, two counts of sexual assault against a minor, and two counts of causing or encouraging a minor to participate in sexual behavior.

He initially claimed to police his phone reset had been “accidental,” according to prosecutor Isobel Ascherson, but later admitted, “he reset it because he was having an affair” with a woman.

Ford responded, “I became furious, I sobbed,” when questioned about his response to the charges during a police interview. The child abuse investigation and protection team in the neighboring county of Cambridgeshire looked into the situation.

Det Insp. Susie Hine of the Cambridgeshire Constabulary praised the victim’s and her immediate family’s “courage and bravery who have acted with enormous dignity throughout.”

The jury had no doubts after the victim’s compelling evidence, she claimed, and a predatory sex offender is now in jail. “Cases of this sort are unsettling and upsetting, but I want to reassure the public that no one can hide from justice, regardless of who commits the crime. “In this instance, it was an active police officer who is currently doing time in prison for his despicable crimes.”

Ford’s actions, according to Hertfordshire police Assistant Chief Constable Genna Telfer, were “disgusted” and she threatened him with a quick dismissal hearing.


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