Who is Ellen Cadman Smith? Mentor abuses teenager with over 3000 sexual texts

Ellen Cadman Smith

According to statements made in court, a female secondary school mentor, Ellen Cadman Smith sent a young student 3,000 messages in just two months. Let’s see who is Ellen Cadman Smith in detail.

Who is Ellen Cadman Smith?

Ellen Cadman-Smith informed the 15-year-old in a string of “overtly sexual” texts that he “drove her nuts” and that she was “thinking about him non-stop.” The text messages included the phrases “I think I’m falling for you” and “I want you so badly. ”

The school employee from Sandown, Isle of Wight, admitted she was “half nude” in messages handed to the jury. She also said, “I can’t have you and you know why,” before setting up a meeting in her car. Only when the victim’s mother discovered texts from a person named “E” on Cadman-phone Smith’s and informed the police, who located her, was her behavior exposed.

Isle of Wight Crown Court heard that at the time of the offense, Cadman-Smith was a mentor at the Cowes Enterprise College, responsible for supporting pupils ‘behavior, mental health, and learning difficulties.
The mentor was accused of having a sexual relationship with a minor.

Cadman Smith case:

Cadman-Smith, now 24 years old mentor, was found to be “not mentally healthy enough” to enter a plea or stand trial because of his “severe anxiety.” Instead, a rare “trial of issue” case was conducted without her present, asking the jury to determine whether or not she had committed “the act.”

A jury came to the conclusion that she had after only three minutes of deliberation. The victim and she became close after she began to support him, the court heard. When they first started chatting in her automobile, they kept their relationship’ a secret in their school. Mary Aspinall-Miles, the prosecutor, claimed that the defendant was a “progress mentor” who had been employed at the school since 2017. “[The boy] began utilizing her services.”

They were hiding their actions at school because they believed they were in a relationship. She told the boy she had feelings for him but that she couldn’t have him.

The mentor texted the boy from her personal phone, the jury was informed, and they originally exchanged “emotional and supportive messages.” The boy was informed by Cadman-Smith that she had been “thinking about him non-stop” for “within an hour and a half,” the court was informed.

The mentor told the student in messages read aloud to the jury: “I can’t have you and you know why,” adding later that the two might “go for drives together” As their ‘relationship’ proceeded, Cadman-Smith told the boy: ‘OMG, I’m falling for you and thinking about things I probably shouldn’t [winking face emoji.]’ ‘I want you so badly… the things I could do to you right now are driving me insane,’ other text messages said.

According to testimony given in court, Cadman-Smith, who had a partner during the majority of the messaging, told the kid, she was “saving everything” for him. The jury was informed that Cadman-Smith and the 15-year-old frequently “met up in her” car so she could purchase him “Burger King” or “drinks.”

When Cadman-Smith entered the boy’s class at school, she contacted him to talk about the meeting, concluding the text with, “When you gave me that look,”ending the message with three ‘drip’ emojis.
The jury was informed that when the mentor broke up with her boyfriend, she texted him to let him know and proposed they go away for “a night in a hotel in Kent,” according to the testimony.

Initially, the youngster and Cadman-Smith exchanged “emotional and supportive messages” via text message on her personal phone, according to testimony presented at the Isle of Wight Crown Court. In a different message, she informed the youngster that the “only safe place to do it would be in the shower” because she was taking “tablets for a cyst on her ovaries.”

The jury was informed that she also texted the boy, saying, “I don’t know what I did differently [last night], but I’ve got a bit of a sore throat today.” In other messages, Cadman-Smith told the boy she was ‘half-naked while messaging’ him, and that he was ‘definitely a bum man,’ the court was told. No defense evidence was presented at the hearing.

The jury found that Cadman-Smith did involve in sexual communication with a kid and Judge Susan Evans KC imposed a five-year sexual harm prevention order on her. In accordance with the decision, she must make all her devices available for inspection, her search history can be retrieved and she has been told she must not delete her search history.

She must also refrain from using social media to communicate with any child under the age of 16 who is not a member of her immediate family.

Cadman-Smith, who has a one-year-old kid, will also be banned from dealing with children and listed as a sex offender for five years. She was also ordered to forfeit her mobile phone which will be destroyed. The mentor received an absolute discharge from the judge, who said: ‘It is clear that sexual activity did take place between them. She was in a position of responsibility… [It was] a breach of trust. She was clearly aware that what she was doing was wrong. It was a serious error.


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