How did Saydi Abu Sheikh and Zakariya Jeilani die? Rappers Cause of death Explained

How did Saydi Abu Sheikh and Zakariya Jeilani die? Rappers Cause of death Explained

Saydi Abu Sheikh and Zakariya Jeilani died of stab and gunshot wounds after they were attacked at an address in east London last month, a coroner has heard. Let’s Find out more about the rappers cause of death in detail.

Rappers Cause of death

Looking in to the rappers cause of death, Knife and gunshot wounds are the main reason. A coroner has learned that two rappers were attacked last month at an address in east London and died from gunshot and stab wounds. On October 25, Saydi Abu Sheikh, 23, better known as Giddy, and Zakariya Jeilani Mohamed, 32, better known as Shifty, were both gravely injured in Ilford.

At the East London Coroner’s Court in Barking, Coroner Nadia Persaud began the inquests into their deaths but postponed them because of the ongoing police investigation. According to authorities, no one has been taken into custody. The men who died after the incident inside a home in Henley Road at 00:16 BST were both from Ilford, according to the Metropolitan Police.


A third man, a 30-year-old, was also shot at the site and rushed to the hospital in a life-threatening situation, according to the police. Mr. Mohamed was shot and stabbed in the torso before succumbing to hypovolemic shock, Ms. Persaud was informed during the hearing. According to coroner’s officer Brenda Dowsett, Mr. Sheikh died from stab wounds to the torso.”Mr. Sheikh was at an address in Ilford when suspects entered, discharged a firearm, then fatally wounded Mr. Sheikh with a knife,” Ms. Dowsett said.

One local man previously claimed that he had called 999 while there was a “commotion” and mentioned seeing many males wearing balaclavas. A car connected to the shooting was found nearby in Ronnie Lane, according to the Met, and its officers are “working around the clock to find those responsible.”

Heard screams

The unidentified man who reported calling 999 also told the BBC that while they were waiting for an ambulance to arrive, he had administered first aid to one of the shot men who still had a bullet lodged in his abdomen. I initially heard cries, said Shamima Ahmed, a two-year resident of the area, to BBC London. I wasn’t very bothered because it occurs frequently in this area. The situation grew worse, and I saw the police fleeing. She continued, “The entire area had been blocked off.

An anonymous cab driver named Raz claimed that it was “not safe to be walking around” the area at night. “When I’m driving around at night past cashpoints I see people getting robbed,” he added. “The police need to up their game.”

How did Saydi Abu Sheikh and Zakariya Jeilani die? Rappers Cause of death Explained

At the scene

Residents and workers in this neighborhood of Ilford have expressed shock and dismay after a shooting that occurred in a residential area. Many businesses claimed that while they were accustomed to violence and drug-related issues, they were now concerned that these issues had progressed to include the use of firearms.

As many locals had been enjoying Diwali, residents of Henley Road told me they initially mistook the gunshots heard overnight for fireworks. While forensic teams operate outside the residence, a sizable police cordon is still in place surrounding Henley Road.

An appalling act of violence

Inspector Dave Holgate made a plea for witnesses while speaking on the scene and expressed his condolences to the families for the “appalling act of brutality.” “We recognize that the neighborhood would be understandably horrified by this tragic tragedy, and we share their worries. But I can guarantee you that my hard-working colleagues are moving quickly to gather information and identify the suspects.

Redbridge Council president Jas Athwal requested more police officers be stationed nearby. His statement that their numbers had been “reduced through consecutive regimes” and his insistence that “we have to make sure we get the police here” were also critical. We need additional police, I just pleaded with the incoming Metropolitan Police commissioner about that, and he agrees, he said. “I think sometimes these things build up over time,” the man continued, “and that’s where the police are needed to stop it building up over time. I think if we could get that, we would be in a better place.”

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Two rappers died of stab and gunshot wounds following a triple shooting in east London last month an inquest has heard. Saydi Abu Sheikh, 23, known as Giddy, and Zakariya Jeilani Mohamed 32 who used the name Shifty were shot and killed in Ilford on 25 Oct

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my generation of rappers unnecessarily died violently. This generation of rappers died from substance abuse unnecessarily. both were due to the glorification of two things, violence, and drug use. RIP juice world



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