Who is Donya Prioleau? Walmart shooting survivor sues $50 million lawsuit against walmart, explained

Donya Prioleau

A victim of last week’s tragic mass shooting at a Walmart store in the US state of Virginia has filed a lawsuit against the corporation. Let’s see who is Donya Prioleau and her lawsuit against Walmart in detail.

Why did Donya Prioleau file a complaint against her firm?

Donya Prioleau, an employee of Walmart Supercenter filed a $50 million complaint in a Virginia state court on Tuesday. She claimed that she and other employees alerted Walmart management to the assault. But the company does nothing.

Prioleau claimed to have shared an overnight stocking job with Andre Bing, who is accused of shooting and dying himself after allegedly killing six of his coworkers. Bing opened fire at a Walmart break room in Chesapeake on November 22. A new lawsuit claims that before starting his slaughter, the Virginia Walmart clerk had undergone active shooting training.


Who is Donya Prioleau?

Donya Prioleau is one of the survivors of the Walmart mass shooting. Prioleau was said to have developed post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of seeing the rampage, along with bodily and emotional pain, according to the lawsuit. It also lists several alarming indicators that the attacker displayed, which Prioleau believes managers ignored to address.

Prioleau, a shop supervisor who survived last week’s horrific shooting in Virginia has filed a $50 million lawsuit against her company. She claimed that they should not have kept him on staff because of his “known propensities for violence, threats, and strange behavior.”

She says that two months before the shooting that claimed the lives of six Walmart employees, she filed a report about the shooter, Andre Bing. For more than a year, Prioleau had been employed at the Walmart Supercenter in Chesapeake, close to Battlefield Boulevard. She claimed to have narrowly avoided being shot since she was working the night of the shooting.


The lawsuit filed by Prioleau:

One week after the fatal gunshot, on Tuesday, the law firm Morgan & Morgan filed the lawsuit. The lawsuit details the suspect’s alleged history of unsettling behavior before the horrific mass shooting, which includes remarks the suspect allegedly made against Prioleau’s age, gender, social standing, and appearance.

The lawsuit claims that bullets “whizzed by Plaintiff Donya Prioleau’s face and left side, barely missing her.” On either side of her, she saw several of her coworkers mercilessly slaughtered. “Ms. Prioleau looked at one of her coworkers in the eyes immediately after she had been shot in the neck.”

Ms. Prioleau witnessed the bullet wound in her coworker’s neck, the blood flowing out of it, and her coworker’s helpless expression.”

The lawsuit claims that Bing “maintained a ‘kill list’ of probable targets before the shooting” and “had a personal vengeance against many Walmart employees.”


Prioleau underwent harassment:

Prioleau filed a formal complaint alleging that Bing had “bizarrely and inappropriately commented on Ms. Prioleau’s age” on a Walmart Global Ethics Statement Form. The lawsuit alleges that Bing told her: “Isn’t your lady clock ticking? Shouldn’t you be having kids?”.

Bing harassed her for “being poor and being short,” and called her Bitch, according to the lawsuit. “Despite Mr. Bing’s long-standing pattern of disturbing and threatening behavior. Walmart knew or should have known about Mr. Bing’s disturbing and threatening behavior. But failed to terminate Mr. Bing, restrict his access to common areas, conduct a thorough background investigation, or subject him to a mental health examination,” the lawsuit claims.

The complaint also claims that Bing “repeatedly made veiled threats of violence,” saying that if he were ever fired, people would “remember [his] name” and menacingly inquire as to whether or not his coworkers had undergone active shooter training.

Bing’s strange Behavior:

Bing, a 31 year old suspect was regarded by many as being paranoid and was known to quarrel with other workers. He frequently claimed that he was being watched by the authorities. Shaundrayia Reese, a Walmart employee, reported that the man didn’t use social media. He kept black tape over the camera on his phone. Everyone had the impression that he had a problem.

The Bentonville, Arkansas-based Walmart issued a statement stating that it was evaluating the complaint. And would reply “as appropriate with the court.” The firm stated that “the entire Walmart family is grieved by the death of the valued members of our team.”

“Our deepest sympathies go out to our associates and everyone impacted, including those who were injured. We are focused on supporting all our associates with significant resources, including counseling,” it added.


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