Who is Damyih Pickens-Barton? What happened to the 9 YO shot and killed in Silverton? Explained


 Damyih Pickens-Barton 9 YO shot and killed in Silverton
_Damyih Pickens-Barton 9 YO shot and killed in Silverton (Source: Facebook)


STOP VIOLENCE: The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office reports that a 9-year-old girl was killed in a drive-by shooting near Silverton throughout the night.

Damyih Pickens-Barton has been recognized as the victim. After this tragedy, people said that it was devastating news and sent prayers to the family of this lovely angel.

Too many innocent people and children are being killed by people who are intended for someone else. Let’s see who is Damyih Pickens-Barton and what happened to her in detail.

Silverton drive-by shooting: Explained

According to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, a 9-year-old girl was slain in a drive-by gunshot at a Silverton residence late Monday.

The Hamilton County Coroner’s Office named the victim Da’myiah Barton-Pickens. According to the sheriff’s office, deputies responded to a report of a shooting in the 6000 block of Plainfield Road at 11:40 p.m.

Da’myiah was wounded by a single gunshot when she was inside the house. She was transferred to Jewish Hospital, where the coroner’s report states that she passed away as a result of her wounds.

There were at least a dozen bullet holes in the front of the one-family house. The front door was disfigured by holes, and the white plaster surrounding the windows was covered in several others.

This section of Plainfield Road moves quickly. Many of the well-kept homes have markers or signs telling drivers to slow down because kids might be outside. 

Who is Damyih Pickens-Barton?

Damyih-Pickens 9-year-old Barton was a Silverton resident. She was a member of the one family that resided there. 

It has been established that she was the target of the drive-by gunshot that happened nearby on Monday. The sad young girl was just going about her daily life when bullets entered her house through the walls and harmed her.

Although she was rushed to the hospital, it was too late. At the hospital, she succumbed to terrible gunshot wounds. Family members will shortly announce the death and funeral plans for Damyih Pickens-Barton, and we’ll update this post.


Allie Parriman’s neighbor’s statement

The gunfire startled Allie Parriman, who lives across the street from the scene of the incident, late Monday night, but her baby daughter slept through it.

“Nothing like this ever really happens here,” she said.

Parriman claimed that deputies had stopped by to get video from the Ring camera that was positioned close to her front entrance. Parriman claimed that she then attempted to fall asleep again.

She claims to have lived there for around two years and believes Da’myiah’s family only recently moved there. She was unaware of them but noticed children having fun there.

Parriman described it as “heartbreaking.” Particularly as a mother. She is expecting a second child. Parriman claimed that despite the incident, she feels secure in the area.

Who is the suspect?

Police have not released any suspect details or a description of the shooting’s suspect vehicle. A drive-by gunfire that alarmed the neighborhood late on Monday is currently the subject of an inquiry.

A busy section of Plainfield Road was where the event occurred. Numerous well-kept homes have markings or signs urging cars to slow down to protect children.

Sadly, they were unable to save the young girl’s life. We will update this section as soon as the police provide any information regarding their investigation.

Recent drive-by shootings have resulted in the deaths of two women. Shamari Mingo was shot and killed on Wednesday in Downtown. After being shot in Winton Hills late on Thursday, Isis Roseman passed away.

Another drive-by shooting occurred in May, this time injuring four persons. According to Cincinnati police, a 16-year-old kid has been detained in relation to the shooting in Over-the-Rhine. 


Mary Sunderhaus wrote,

When I heard this story my heart sank once again. This little girl in her own house can’t be protected from gun violence. I hope they can catch the thug who did this so that he/she can never see the light of day again. When is this BS going to stop? Thank you Karin for your difficult report. Prayers for the family.

Fran Metzger wrote,

I am literally crying over this. To say I am sad and angry doesn’t start to express how I feel. She is in the arms of Jesus, far away from this cruel world. May the Lord comfort her family in this tragedy

Cecilia Carlisle-beaird wrote,

This is so past horrible that this precious innocent girl was killed for no damn reason. These anger me so much. My prayers go to the family and friends 

Bill Welshans wrote,

This really breaks my heart and opens up so many wounds. My thoughts and prayers are with the family, community, and the First Responders and Police who have to do their best during these Tragic and unnecessary killings.

Nancy Roeper wrote,

This is so senseless!! When is it going to stop??!! Poor child. The innocent seems to be paying the price more. Breaks my heart. Beautiful angel, fly high 

We at Medico Topics are sending our thoughts and prayers to this cute child’s family and friends. Along with her family, God will hold this angel in his arms.


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