Chris Arduser, Drummer passed away at 63

Chris Arduser
Chris Arduser passed away


Chris Arduser, an American drummer passed away suddenly on September 27, 2023. American music communities mourn the loss of this iconic figure. Our thoughts are with Chris’s family and friends during this difficult time. Read ahead to learn more about his passing and cause of death.

Who was Chris Arduser?

Chris Arduser was a multi-talented artist, known as a singer-songwriter, drummer, guitarist, and mandolinist. He made contributions to some of the most innovative and creative rock outfits to emerge since the 1980s. 

Throughout his illustrious career, Chris produced an astounding body of work that transcended genres and generations.

His music resonated with listeners from all walks of life, touching the hearts and souls of millions. Chris played a role in many groups including, Blessid Union Of Souls, Human Darts, Psychodots, The Bears, The Graveblankets, The Raisins and The Other Half.

Musical journey:

Arduser has spent a sizable portion of his career playing drums and singing lead vocals for the influential Cincinnati bands The Bears and Psychodots.

The bands’ lineups have included Arduser, guitarists/vocalists Rob Fetters and Adrian Belew, and bassist Bob Nyswonger.

Both groups are recognized both locally and nationally for their varied, clever pop tunes that are filled with lovely harmonies, original lyrics, and top-notch musicianship. Before disbanding in 1989, The Bears were active in the late 1980s and had two albums to their name. 

After a brief hiatus in 2007, they later returned in early 2001 with two more studio albums, as well as a live CD and DVD.

A new release from Psychodots, which has four CDs to its credit, is scheduled for later this year. Arduser co-led the captivating folk-rock group The Graveblankets with guitarist George Cunningham and violinist/vocalist Bridgett Otto from 1998 to 2000.

Before Arduser decided to concentrate on a solo career that began with 2002’s Hostage and 2005’s The Celebrity Motorcade, the group published five albums. Arduser played every instrument on both recordings, making them both true solo projects. 

Arduser’s Albums:

Ardusers famous albums are: Hapless, The Celebrity Motorcade, Hostage, Flibbertigibbet, The Bears. The Celebrity Motorcade is a concept album in the sense that it pays tribute to the lives and lifestyles of 1920s Hollywood silent film actors and directors.

Hostage is a hilarious collection of oozing pop songs that explores Arduser’s twisted perspectives on the problems and obsessions of contemporary life, as well as dysfunctional relationships and the mayhem they frequently bring about.

For Arduser, the latter subject has proven to be very productive ground. On his most recent solo album, Hapless, which is totally dedicated to individuals involved in today’s chaotic courtships, it rings even more true.

The album’s frantic sound and arrangements provide a setting for Arduser’s sarcastic, darkly humorous compositions.

Hapless also includes multiple guest appearances from Fetters, Nyswonger, Otto, and Cunningham, as well as vocalist Laura Chenault and bassist Don Aren, in contrast to the solo approach of his first two albums.

The CD also features some of Arduser’s best vocal performances to date, including some soaring renditions on which he pushes his limitations to great advantage. Hapless is an incredibly compelling collection that should be considered for the famous album of the year.

Chris Arduser cause of death:

Chris Arduser, a drummer, singer, and songwriter for The Raisins, the Psychodots, and The Bears passed away at the age of 63. However, Chris cause of death was not announced immediately.

His family, friends, coworkers, and the community he so profoundly impacted are all feeling the effects of his loss.

This sad news was announced by Rob Fetters in the following social media post.

I’m deeply sad to let you know Chris Arduser passed away this morning with loving family and friends close by. There will be a memorial celebration of his life and remarkable musical accomplishments in a few months. I’ve had the fantastic good fortune to experience the joy and exhilarating madness of making music with him since he was 11 and I was 15; the closest thing to a baby brother I’ve ever had. I’ll share more about that down the line, but for now, I will hold him in my heart and be still. 

The family’s enduring love for Arduser and their commitment to keeping his memory alive are proof of the significant contribution he made while he was with them. Let’s show unity by supporting one another while coming from a position of understanding and compassion.

Tributes to Chris Arduser:

Bob Nyswonger posted,

It is with a very heavy heart that I must inform you of the passing of my longtime friend and musical brother Chris Arduser. I spent so much time with Chris & his brothers during my high school years, I felt like part of the family. He was a complete artist – a brilliant musician and writer, and I cherish every minute I spent with him – playing for people all over the world and making recordings. There will be a memorial down the road, but we’re all going to need some time to process this loss. Godspeed Chris.

Adrian Belew posted,

Chris Arduser has left us. drummer, singer, and songwriter for The Raisins, the Psychodots, and The Bears. a family member I dearly love. I often find myself singing one of Chris’s brilliant songs.
this is a very difficult one. I loved The Raisins so much I produced them. the bears toured 7 times around the US, often for 6 or 7 weeks at a time. we played two shows in Israel. the bears recorded 5 records, all of which included songs from Chris. he played drums on parts of my Inner Revolution record. that kind of time together creates remarkable bonds and a gizillion memories.
our hearts go out to his family, and to all the people who loved the music he created.

Andy Harrison posted,

RIP Chris Arduser. Amazing drummer, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist from some of my all-time favorite bands The Raisins/The Bears/Psychodots. Such a great guy, what a huge loss

Philip Wayne Gee posted,

Just heard that Cincinnati drumming legend Chris Arduser has died. Last saw him perform in July 1987, a few weeks before moving to Florida. I’ll miss those bright beats.


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  1. When I first heard him play when he was about 15 I knew he was going to go all the way with music and make that his entire life.He was so outstanding.I am so sorry for your loss.


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