Homicide: Rodney Stokes of Montgomery, AL died from gunshot wounds after shooting

Rodney Stokes
Rodney Stokes was killed in the shooting


The Montgomery Police Department is investigating a murder that occurred in the city overnight. Read on to learn more about the death of Rodney Stokes in detail.

What happened to Rodney Stokes?

Rodney Stokes was killed in a shooting that occurred near Zelda Road in Montgomery, Alabama. The circumstances surrounding the shooting was not known yet.

Sahara Williams posted about this incident saying,

Wake up to see my partner Rodney Stokes gone real one has so much respect for a female to be so deep in the streets chilling fr ima miss you Bruh I hate this for them kids rest up, #stop the violence

Briana Hargett also posted about this sad incident in the social media statement saying,

Hate I didn’t bring you that plate a few days ago. Mentally I knew you wasn’t okay and I knew in your heart you wanted to get your life back on track . But a addiction is hard to recover from when your mentally and physically not okay inside. Rest up Rodney my condolences are with your family and kids I pray that the ones that were surrounded by you find help as well and let that stuff go. Because in reality it’s taking innocent life’s one by one in these streets. Love you bruh rest up you don’t have to worry about how you going to pay your room tonight or your next meal you in the heaven gates not suffering anymore hold it down for us Rodney Stokes

Shooting explained:

According to MPD, at around 1:11 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 27, MPD and Fire Medics responded to the 2000 block of Zelda Road in regards to a subject shot.

Police arrived on the site and discovered an adult male victim who was pronounced deceased after being shot fatally. The MPD has disclosed that it is looking into a homicide.

Rodney was an employee of Koch Foods Montgomery Alabama and was a resident of Montgomery, Alabama.

Anyone with information on this homicide inquiry is urged to call MPD at 625-2831, Secret Witness at 625-4000, or CrimeStoppers at 215-STOP. At this time, no new details about this killing have been made public.

Public reaction to the shooting:

Quanasha Potts posted,

Rodney Stokes brooo ts can’t b real ! Istg I sensed ts like 2 weeks ago but Ian talked to you in a min so I just hoped you was doing Ight but bru ts crazyyy ! I’ll never forget that one time you scared me cause I thought some happened to you cause you wasn’t texting bacc in over 24 hrs bru! Ian kno who to hit up, I hit up Fatt Macc to see where you was & all & he finally got in touch with you & we laughed abt ts you said “man yk I’m straight I appreciate you for checkin in tho suh” ! Ts bru I stg I was thinking abt you a couple weeks bacc I just wish I would texted you & told you it’s still love bru Rip thug love

Che’nise Bethel posted,

Damn Stokes I am so sorry to hear this! Y’all please stop taking these men away from their kids man!! RIP Rodney Stokes.

Toot Thomas posted,

Dreka Mccoy friend I am so sorry Rodney Stokes boy u hurt us with this one I swear you did.

Quintin Mocks posted,

Damn Bruh . You don’t hear no good news these days..C.I.P homie Rodney Stokes

Stephani Marie commented,

omm bruh was like a big brother. So sweet. My first thought was bria & them babies. He loved them so much. I hate this sht. I’m starting to hate this evil ssa city !


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