What happened to Jonathan Garcia? 27 year-old died after begging for help at the San Antonio hospital


Jonathan Garcia 27 year-old died after begging for help at the San Antonio hospital
Jonathan Garcia 27 year-old died after begging for help at the San Antonio hospital (Source: News 4 San Antonio)


Documents and official footage depict the 27-year-old SASH patient pleading for assistance before her passing. Jonathan Garcia was shown stumbling and pleading for aid for days inside the San Antonio State Hospital in the last pictures Alma Garcia saw of him.

Following Jonathan’s passing, many people posted their feelings on social media in response to this heartbreaking news.

The family of Jonathan is in our hearts and prayers during this difficult time. Keep scrolling to know what happened to Jonathan Garcia in detail.

How a 27-year-old patient begged for help before dying?

In San Antonio Ten years have passed since Fox San Antonio first began looking into the significant problems at the San Antonio State Hospital.

Ten years and one Emmy later, the State Hospital is still dealing with problems that endanger forensic patients, civil commitments, and patient lives.

The most recent case included the death of Jonathan Garcia, 27, who according to his attorney Michelle Maloney was permitted to pass away after being ill for days.

Jonathan Garcia was shown stumbling and pleading for assistance for days inside the San Antonio State Hospital (SASH) in the last pictures Alma Garcia saw of him.

What happened to Jonathan Garcia?

Since he was a young child, her son Jonathan had struggled with mental illness, which is how the 27-year-old wound up in SASH just before he passed away. 

“My son was incarcerated for going to a hospital and a fire department for help. He was at the Bexar County Jail for terroristic threats.

I would always tell him if he needed help go to the hospital go to the fire department. Those are the people that could help you. So, he went to those 2 places, and they had him arrested.”

What happened when her son got to the State Hospital is what Garcia says took his life. “I’m sure there are other people that have gone through what Jonathan has gone through, but nobody ever did anything about it. I did. The first thing I did, I dialed 911 and I filed the police report against the State Hospital,” said Garcia.

What did the lawyer for his family declare?

According to state records, Garcia was ill when he was transferred from the Bexar County Jail to SASH. However, the doctor in charge of his treatment reportedly stated that he was well, according to the records Michelle Maloney, the family’s attorney, obtained.

I questioned Maloney about her decision to take on this case. “I chose this case because there is something fundamentally wrong with a young man being imprisoned in a location that is meant to be helpful to him and then being permitted to experience tremendous pain and pass away when it was so avoidable. Maloney says, “He was there for assistance.

The medical staff was concerned that Garcia’s doctor was downplaying how ill he was, according to state investigative records obtained by Fox San Antonio.

According to the records of the investigator, “Mr. Garcia was not looking well and was complaining of stomach pain and vomiting.”

The nurse caring for Garcia cited the doctor in charge of Garcia as saying she didn’t think Mr. Garcia was sick because he was making up an ailment to attract attention.

In state records, that nurse also stated that the doctor allegedly placed restrictions on Garcia, ordering the staff to deny any requests he made, including for water since he would “just more likely drink water and self-induce vomiting.”

Mother Garcia’s rage at Doctors’ actions

It aggravates me. I feel dissatisfied, outraged, and angry. How can a doctor refuse to provide their patients with food and water? She insisted that every request my kid made be denied, according to Garcia’s mother.

Alma Garcia finds it worrisome that the doctor reportedly informed the staff that “if he throws up, he needs to clean it up himself as it is all behavior”

“If a person in that profession treats her patients like that, that person shouldn’t be practicing,” asserts Alma Garcia. Jonathan Garcia dialed 911 after three days at SASH without assistance, according to the family attorney. 

“He was so agitated,” according to Maloney, “that he was contacting 911 from the San Antonio State Hospital, asking to be brought to the hospital for medical care.

What occurred after he called, too? He was denied the use of the phone. EMS was summoned in the early hours of March 3rd. On the route to the hospital, Jonathan Garcia had a cardiac arrest.

Jonathan’s mother’s statement

He passed away two days after his family donated his organs. “I decided to save lives. The mother of Jonathan remarked, “You know, with my son’s organs, I know that my son’s life cannot be saved, but I made sure that he saved other people’s lives.” 

Alma Garcia asserts that if it weren’t for the SASH experts, she would have been left wondering what had become of her son forever.

Several of them gave her specifics about what had happened before to his passing. They are the heroes in this tale, according to Alma, without whom it would not have been told.

Without you, I would have been unaware of Jonathan’s fate. Maloney claims that in this case, a judge had to order the State Hospital to turn over records and video. She will shortly remove from office the physician and medical team who treated Jonathan Garcia.

This story is still developing, check back for further updates on this story.


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