Who is Abby Toone? Mom of 4 Works Hard to Feed Her Kids after Husband’s Death

A horrible accidental accident separated a mother (Abby Toone) of four from her husband, leaving her with little alternative but to raise her four children alone. Months later, she was sent a lavish gift from an unknown person in the shape of a large sum of money. Let’s see who is Abby Toone and about the gift that she got in detail.

Who is Abby Toone?

When Jon enlisted in the US Army Reserve as a specialist, Abby Toone was a proud wife.

During the War on Terror, he helped the 19th Special Forces Group.

After that, he went home to be with his family.

The dream home for Jon and his family were being constructed. With their new farm, he and Abby Toon planned to show their kids the value of independence and hard work.

How did Abby Toone’s husband die?

Three wasps unexpectedly stung Jon as he was working on a fence one day. He quickly felt his heart pounding out of his chest and began to feel short of breath.

Immediately, Jon thought to phone his wife, Abby Toon.

She hurried over to him and anxiously dialed 911 to get there.

In the meantime, Jon tried to find aid by driving as quickly as he could, but the farthest he could get was to a neighbor’s house.

In the end, Jon passed away in Abby Toone’s arms after collapsing in his neighbor’s house.

Even though they attempted to revive Jon at the hospital, it was unsuccessful, contrary to

Abby Toone’s hope that it wasn’t too late. Abby Toone has suddenly left a grieving widow and the sole parent of four little children, all under ten years old.

She was suddenly thrown into a variety of tasks and faced a plethora of brand-new obligations.

Jon and Abby Toone have a deep love for one another.

To be with her, Jon abandoned his life in Canada and applied for American citizenship. He has also done everything he can for his family.

His passing left Abby Toone and their kids in such a state of shock that they were unable to adjust to life without him.

Life After Jon

Abby Toone struggled as a single cosmetologist to put food on the table for her family and pay all the expenses.

Even though Jon had life insurance, it didn’t pay out right away, so she needed to find other means of getting the cash she and her kids needed to survive. Jon passed away just before Christmas.

Along with having to observe the particular occasion without him, Abby Toone and her kids would also not be able to purchase Christmas presents as they normally would.

Anonymous Christmas Gift

Christmas without Jon would soon be here for the first time.

Even without buying Christmas presents for the kids, Abby Toone had trouble buying all of their necessities.

During Abby Toone’s first Christmas without Jon, a generous anonymous donor surprised her with $10,000 through East Idaho News.

Abby Toone was unaware that a generous anonymous contributor had heard about her situation and was eager to lend a hand as a way of spreading holiday cheer.

Abby Toone and her children. | Source: YouTube/EastIdahoNews.com

They were moved to tears when EastIdahoNews.com representatives arrived at her house to surprise her and her family with a much-needed holiday gift.


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