Who is 14 year old Kanon? How did he lost his both parents & sisters? Explained


Who is 14 year old Kanon? How did he lost his both parents & sisters? Explained


A house fire claimed the lives of Kanon’s mother and two sisters. He is currently receiving support from the neighborhood. Let’s see Who is 14-year-old Kanon and how did he lose his both parents & sisters in detail

Who is 14-year-old Kanon?

Texas’ TRINITY COUNTY — Kanon has already experienced a lifetime of pain at the age of 14.

His mother Emily Heater, 37, and his two sisters Braylee, 10, and Annie, 7, perished in a Trinity County house fire last week. There was only Kanon left.

Kanon was left with nothing more than the clothing on his back, but he is also receiving assistance from the neighborhood and his mother’s friends.

“It took us a few days to understand that it wasn’t a dream. And that it occurred, “said Rebecca Michalsky. “I believe we all collapsed to the ground. Literally.”

In addition to Emily Heater, Michalsky went to high school with her in Deer Park and is one of her five closest friends. After school, they continued to communicate. Emily later went to Onalaska, but we all remained close, Michalsky said. “Emily moved to Galveston first.”

According to Michalsky, the Heater family was full of love, and the mother had a remarkable bond with her kids. They cherished hugs. They cherished kisses. They were simply… priceless, Michalsky added. We can all relate to Emily’s advice to “always tell your loved ones how important they are.”

In the household, Kanon played a unique role. After a protracted fight with brain cancer, his father David Shively passed away in January.

They were close because he was her only boy. He was also a kind brother to his sisters, according to Michalsky.

While she and her friends are still grieving the loss, they are aware that they must remain strong to support Kanon as she moves forward. They are requesting assistance from the local community.

“He suffered a total loss. He carried his pajamas out of the area. He has nothing, Michalsky declared. Knowing that we are taking care of her boy is what keeps a smile on our faces and motivates us, as she would have wanted it.

The cause of the fire is still being looked into, according to the sheriff of Trinity County.

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I am so sorry this is a tough one for sure. Sending prayers for comfort and peace

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This is so heartbreaking 💔💔

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Breaks my heart. 🥲

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OMG !!! My heart still hurts so sadly 🙏🙏


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