WhatsApp outage: What happened? When will the problem be resolved? Explained

WhatsApp Outrage

WhatsApp Outage: Millions of users were unable to send or receive messages on the app earlier today because WhatsApp was down. Let’s see what happened and when will the problem be resolved in detail.

WhatsApp outrage:

After being down for almost two hours, WhatsApp is back online. For users in numerous countries throughout the world, the service was unavailable earlier. The app should soon begin functioning for users if it hasn’t already as WhatsApp services have been restored.

WhatsApp is currently functional on WhatsApp Web, Android, and iOS apps. Although some users claim that services on WhatsApp Web is still not functioning, your phone app should be functional.

Many people use WhatsApp, a well-known messaging service owned by Meta, to send rapid texts, but earlier today, the application experienced a significant outage that lasted for about two hours. This prevented millions of WhatsApp users around the world from sending or receiving any messages.

What happened to WhatsApp?

Both private and group chats were affected by the outage. The outage monitoring service DownDetector revealed that numerous customers across various regions were experiencing problems with WhatsApp. Many people use WhatsApp Web, the app’s web client, on their desktops and laptops, and its services were also affected by the outage. However, they have since been restored.

Anyone attempting to use the client during the outage was presented with the following error.

WhatsApp Outrage explained

Since the broader Meta outage on October 5 that affected millions of users over many hours before the services were restored, this was WhatsApp’s first significant outage.

The outage was recognized and a statement was sent earlier today by WhatsApp’s parent company, Meta saying that “We’re aware that some people are currently having trouble sending messages and we’re working to restore WhatsApp for everyone as quickly as possible,” However, the reason for outrage remains unknown.

Did the problem resolve?

The service was unavailable to users in numerous parts of the world. The website for instant messaging displays a connection or server issue. Users said that the Facebook-owned messaging service does not allow them to place calls or send messages.

Users in India have also mentioned having issues transmitting pictures and videos. Users began reporting problems around 12:07 pm, and they peaked at 12:51 pm, according to the website Downdetector, which keeps track of internet outages.

By combining status information from many sources, including user-submitted problems on its platform, Downdetector keeps track of outages. Over 11,000 customers in India had reported an outage as of
7:50 GMT, 12:20 pm IST, according to real-time monitoring service Downdetector, while in UK and Singapore were at 68,000 and 19,000 respectively.

The unknown is the size of the interruption. The outage, though, seemed to be widespread. Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Lucknow are among the Indian cities that are affected, but users from the US, Germany, South Africa, Bahrain, Bangladesh, and a number of other nations have also complained that the service is not functioning properly for them. Several users reported the disruption on Twitter and as of whatsappdown hashtag.


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