What happened to Riverside County Deputy Isaiah Cordero? Shot and killed in Jurupa valley, suspect dead after chase


Riverside County Deputy Isaiah Cordero

Sheriff says that the shooter who killed a deputy in Riverside County ought to have received a “three strikes” sentence. Let’s see What happened to Riverside County Deputy Isaiah Cordero in detail.

What happened to Deputy Isaiah Cordero?

During a traffic stop in Jurupa Valley on Thursday afternoon, a Riverside County sheriff’s deputy was fatally shot. This led to a high-speed chase through several motorways, which culminated with the gunman being shot and killed by deputies.

Sheriff Chad Bianco stated at a news conference on Thursday night that the shooter was a dangerous felon who ought to have been imprisoned under California’s “three strikes” legislation following a recent conviction but was freed on bail while his case was ongoing.

Just before 2 p.m., the suspect pulled out a gun and shot Deputy Isaiah Cordero, 32, as he approached the vehicle while he was conducting a traffic check near the 3900 block of Golden West Avenue, according to Bianco. The shooter drove off as a witness dialed 911, sparking a massive manhunt that covered two counties.

The shooter went back to Jurupa Valley after being discovered in San Bernardino County. While doing so, his pickup ran over a spike strip on the 60 Freeway but he continued to drive. On Interstate 15, the gunman’s pickup was trailed by up to 30 police cars as it headed south toward Norco.

The car was smoking, had its tires pulled off, and had an axle give way by the time the shooter arrived at Norco’s 6th Street exit from the 15 motorway. The scene was prepared for a decisive showdown that resulted in a barrage of gunfire.

Bianco claimed that the shooter fired at the pursuing deputies, causing them to retaliate and kill him. According to people acquainted with the investigation, more than ten officers started firing during the gunfight.

Who was the suspect?

A SWAT armored vehicle was smashed into and immobilized by the gunman’s pickup truck on the side of the 15. Multiple bullet holes in the windscreen were visible on television. William Shea McKay, 44, whose most recent residence was in San Bernardino County, was named by Bianco as the shooter.

The sheriff said it wasn’t immediately obvious why Cordero had stopped McKay. The deputy’s body camera footage will be examined by investigators. Due to the enormous number of police cars on the highway when the pursuit came to an end, the southbound 15 was shut down.

After being transported from the gunshot scene to Riverside Community Hospital, the officer was declared dead there, a law enforcement source told The Times. Bianco attributed Cordero’s passing to the criminal justice system’s shortcomings.

McKay’s 1990s-era criminal record

According to Bianco, McKay had a 1990s-era criminal record that included kidnapping, robbery, and numerous attacks with dangerous weapons.

The judicial system ought to have prevented this tragic catastrophe, according to Bianco. “McKay has a long history of violence and was found guilty of his third strike in November 2021,” says the report.

The sheriff claimed the incident constituted both kidnapping and lethal weapon assault. “The judge lowered his bail, allowing him to be released, instead of passing the proper sentence of 25 years to life,” Bianco claimed. The judge’s name was withheld by the sheriff.

McKay was detained once more for missing his sentencing “and other criminal charges,” according to Bianco, but the judge released him. According to a Times analysis of San Bernardino County court records, McKay was found guilty of receiving stolen property, eluding a peace officer, making criminal threats that were likely to result in death or serious bodily harm, and false imprisonment on November 8, 2021.

Zip ties, duct tape, an axe, and gang paraphernalia were among the items used as evidence, according to a court document. McKay was found not guilty of kidnapping and kidnapping with intent to conduct robbery or rape in that case.

In addition, it was discovered that he had a long history of significant felonies. According to the documents, McKay’s attorneys attempted to have one of his earlier strikes overturned after his conviction.

After a motion for a new trial was filed, Judge Cara D. Hutson postponed sentencing at least twice. On October 22, a different judge presided over a custody status hearing without McKay.

What did the court documents confess?

According to court documents, McKay’s initial bail was set at $950,000 in June 2021. Hutson reduced his bail to $500,000 following the verdicts, which included his dismissal of the kidnapping allegations against him. Cordero was described as “a light of sunshine” and committed to safeguarding others in a statement released by the union that represents the department’s deputies on Thursday night.

According to the Riverside Sheriffs’ Association, “Deputy Cordero’s death leaves a big hole in the hearts of so many people who had the pleasure to know him personally.” He made the ultimate sacrifice today in the course of duty, which is an unforgivable obligation. Through this trying time, our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and fellow deputies.

Deputies placed his corpse in a hearse outside the hospital after wheeling it through rows of saluting law enforcement officers. The body of Cordero was taken by sheriff’s cars to the county coroner’s office while passing beneath a huge American flag flying from a fire department ladder truck.

Who was Deputy Isaiah Cordero?

Deputies from Riverside County circulated a message among themselves. According to a copy that The Times was able to get, “Our deceased hero recently completed motor school. On a traffic check, he was shot and killed. [The culprit] ran, but an off-duty cop saw him and alerted authorities to his whereabouts. The suspect was killed after a chase that followed. “Rest easy deputy,” the note said.

To work in the county jails, Cordero was employed by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office in 2014. Before enrolling in the sheriff’s academy in 2018, he was assigned to the Indio jail, the Smith Correctional Facility, and the Robert Presley Detention Center, according to Bianco.

When he passed away, Cordero held the highly sought-after post of motorcycle deputy at the Jurupa Valley station. Bianco stated that applicants must exhibit “a tremendous desire to go on a motorcycle.” We don’t merely leave them there. There are deputies on a waiting list. Cordero was regarded as a “joker” at the station and “all of our deputies considered him a younger brother,” according to Bianco. The sheriff said that he was the first Riverside County deputy to die in the line of duty in more than ten years.


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