Watch Video: Massive Swiss cottage flooding due to 3 major water lines bursting

Watch Video: Massive Swiss cottage flooding due to 3 major water lines bursting

People have been evacuated from their houses in a flooded North London neighborhood after a water main burst early this morning. Let’s see more about the Massive Swiss cottage flooding and what happened in North London detail.

Massive Swiss cottage flooding in London:

Roads in London have transformed into rivers when freezing conditions caused a mains pipe to burst, leaving thousands without water and causing 3-foot floods.

We can hear recounting the incident in the videos released by an eyewitness, saying: “I think there’s someone trapped over there, pregnant female, oh that’s why they have the rescue boat. They just shouted ‘pregnant female.'”

Three emergency service personnel were seen on video carrying a small rescue dinghy while wearing orange high-visibility jackets.

The witness said, “Look how deep it is, that window is going to burst soon.” Eight fire engines and over 60 firefighters are battling a significant flood that is 800 meters wide.

How the London streets turned into rivers?

In the early hours of Saturday morning, the footage shows gushing water reaching the wheel arches of automobiles on Belsize Road in Camden.

The Twitter video has been captioned, “Burst main in Belsize Road NW6 it’s like a river.” After receiving over 20 calls from the general public, they were alerted around 2.50 am that “several properties” were submerged. At around 02:50 GMT, 60 firefighters were dispatched to Belsize Road in Camden after homes there were flooded with roughly 50 cm (1.6 ft) of water.

Distressed Residents of Camden watched in fear as homes on their street were inundated by swiftly moving water before being rescued.

According to the London Fire Brigade (LFB), 24 people were guided to safety, and Swiss Cottage Library was turned into a rest hub. After numerous postcodes experienced water shortages, Thames Water issued an apology.

Thirteen adults and a kid were pulled from their homes, while twenty people were saved from basement apartments. Firefighters can be seen evacuating homes on the water in social media- videos, including some wearing pajamas and toting dogs.

Camden street flood Video:

Crews would spend many hours in the flooding area, according to LFB, and extensive road closures were in effect. A smaller main was still leaking, despite the isolation of one main, it was stated. Crews warned people to stay away from the area.

Homes in the NW2, NW6, NW8, and NW10 postcodes in northwest London, according to Thames Water, were affected and had little or no water.

A spokeswoman said: “If your home has been flooded, we’re so sorry, we know this must be very distressing,” adding that “getting water supplies back is our top priority”.

Thames Water also said that it was helping the most vulnerable by sending them bottled water. On Saturday morning, the Met Office reported that temperatures in certain areas of London fell to as low as -7C (19F).

He continued, “That’s sad man, the entire house is gone. According to the London Fire Brigade, at 2:50 on Saturday morning, Belsize Road in Camden received a call for assistance from eight fire engines and about 60 firemen. “A 42-inch water main burst, flooding an area of around 800 meters to a depth of half a meter.”

According to the fire department, several homes were inundated, and firefighters had to guide about 20 inhabitants to safety. One resident told Ham&High news: “The fire brigade have been amazing – rescue-boated a pregnant lady. “I couldn’t tell if the pregnant lady actually got into the boat or not in the end, but they were excellent in getting to her aid.

“No casualties – the ones opposite was asleep in the basement flats, but woke up whilst it was filling, thankfully.”

LFB deputy assistant commissioner Andy Williams commented: “There are significant road closures in place and we’re asking people to avoid the area where possible.

“The water authority is working to isolate the burst water main and firefighters are expected to remain on the scene for a number of hours. Crews are using flood barriers and a high volume pumping unit to divert flood water. A rest center has been set up for affected residents at Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre.”

“Our support teams are on their way to help customers experiencing low pressure or no water.” This comes following today’s snow and ice-related risk-to-life alerts for Brits.

The Midlands are impacted by the alert, but the rest of the UK has been put under a yellow alert by the Met Office.


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