Watch Howie Mandel’s deleted viral TikTok video? Explained

Howie Mandel deleted Tiktok video

The image looks to indicate a rectal prolapse, according to the graphic video that Howie Mandel published. Let’s see Howie Mandel deleted Tiktok video.

Howie Mandel deleted Tiktok video

The online community responded strongly to a genuinely bizarre video that Howie Mandel shared on TikTok.

Some readers may find the graphic material in this article offensive.

The Canadian celebrity posted a video of a prolapsed rectum to his 9.9 million Instagram followers on Saturday, July 9.

What is Rectal prolapse?

“This occurred when my friend Neil leaned over, “He stated, displaying a picture of the affected body portion. “Does anyone know if this is connected to COVID? If so, what should we do about it?

John Hopkins explains the illness as “your rectum is the lowest section of your colon, where faeces develops.”

Rectal prolapse is the medical term for when the rectum pushes through the anal orifice and leaves its natural location within the body.

When was the video removed?

The video was later removed from Mandel’s page, but it is still available online on websites and accounts that recorded the post prior to its removal.

Since the disturbing video was removed, Mandel has published a few TikToks, but he hasn’t commented on the subject on any of his social media accounts.

On one of his most recent TikToks, someone commented, “So are we just going to forget about yesterday?”

“Listen. We can’t just ignore that and pretend nothing occurred “another wrote.

People’s reaction to Howie’s video

People expressed their opinions about the situation on Twitter.

@ewokinthestreet tweeted “Should’ve minded my business when I noticed Howie Mandel “trending in Canada,” along with a photo of a sobbing cat examining a phone.

It seems to be the predominant opinion among those who posted about it.

In a tweet that included an image of Mille Bobbie Brown crying in Stranger Things, @4ever winter said, “I should’ve minded my business instead of being a nosy b*tch and searching up Howie Mandel.”

Howie, it sounds like you need to give some explanations!


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