Tragic Death: Lily Iorio, 2 Year old drugged to death by Peabody Cruel Mother, What Happened? Explained

Tragic Death: Lily Iorio ,a 2 Year old drugged to death by Peabody Cruel Mother, What Happened? Explained

Lily Iorio died on Jan. 18 after she was allegedly exposed to illegal drugs. Let’s see more details about this cruel incident in the following paragraphs.

What Happened to Lily Iorio?

A Massachusetts mother has been charged in the death of her 2-year-old daughter after the child was allegedly exposed to illegal drugs(either fentanyl or methamphetamine).  while the pair was living out of the mother’s car, according to the Essex County District Attorney Office.

Vanessa Jeising, 28, was charged with permitting substantial injuries to a child and reckless endangerment of a child. She pleaded not guilty at her arraignment in Peabody District Court Friday.

Jeising’s daughter, Lily Lorio, died on Jan. 18 in an incident that started in Peabody. Prosecutors say Jeising called a friend and said Lily was unresponsive in the car. That friend told Jeising to take her to the hospital and called Peabody Police, who escorted Jeising to the hospital.

Jeising took Lily to the emergency room at Lahey Medical Center, but they were unable to revive Lily. Investigators later found illegal drugs in the car, prosecutors say.

A Non-Bailable Arrest- Vanessa Jeising

Jeising was arrested Friday and held without bail following her arraignment. She is next scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 3 for a dangerousness hearing.

Family and friends on the North Shore are devastated by the death of Lily, who would have turned 3 in May.

“I thought I was responding to something happening to my daughter,” Vanessa’s mother told WBZ. “When I got to that emergency room, I saw my daughter and not my granddaughter and then I was told what had happened. I just fell. I was in disbelief.”


Vanessa Jeising, 28, pleaded not guilty to charges of permitting substantial injury to a child and reckless endangerment of a child at her arraignment on Friday in Peabody District Court.

The child, Lily Iorio, died sometime on Jan. 17 or early on Jan. 18. Meanwhile, the child’s grandmother said she tried repeatedly to get the Department of Children and Families, which had an open neglect investigation into Jeising due to a prior allegation, to intervene and remove her from Jeising’s custody.

“What has to happen for someone from DCF to take the child out of that situation?” asked Gina Magoon, Jeising’s mother, after her daughter’s court appearance.

What did the Prosecutors say?

Judge Peabody District Court was informed by prosecutor Kate MacDougall that tests to identify the drug the young girl was exposed to are still pending results.

Jeising’s buddy contacted 911 in the early hours of January 18 after becoming concerned that Jeising wasn’t moving quickly enough to get the youngster help, according to an affidavit from state police Detective Jay McCarthy.

The unresponsive infant was being carried by Jeising when Peabody police arrived at Lahey Hospital and discovered her there. According to MacDougall, doctors attempted to revive the youngster for 45 minutes without success.

Doctors and investigators believe Lily had been dead for some time before she arrived, the prosecutor said in court.

As per the Investigative Reports

Later that morning Jeising spoke to detectives and admitted to smoking methamphetamine around 11 a.m., which she said she used to keep awake and alert because she was tired from sleeping in her car. She also said she used fentanyl. Jeising told them she and Lily had stayed in a hotel room on the 16th but she did not have money for another night, so they slept in her car in the parking lots of two local McDonalds.

Asked if she had any drugs in the car, she told officers there might have been some “powder,” which she said she kept in her bra or wallet, out of reach of her daughter, according to McCarthy’s report. She also said her daughter had fallen asleep after dinner and when she tried to wake her around 11 p.m., Lily Iorio was “limp” but still breathing. She said she called her friend, who told her to take the child to Lahey.

It would be more than two hours before the child arrived at the hospital, investigators wrote. Jeising also admitted she “may have” thrown drugs out of her car near Shaw’s supermarket near the hospital. But as Jeising waited in the police station on the morning of the 18th, an outreach coordinator from the Healthy Peabody Collaborative spotted her and asked what happened, according to the affidavit.

Jeising told the coordinator the child “died in (her) arms,” and that Jeising whispered, “she got into … something,” according to the affidavit.

Mother- Afraid of getting arrested and asked help with the friends

The friend who called 911 told police that Jeising had sent her a Facebook message shortly after midnight on the 18th asking if she had any Narcan. The friend told police that “her daughter got into her product,” and she was afraid of getting arrested and losing custody of the girl. The friend and another woman drove to the McDonald’s on Route 114 in Danvers, where Jeising was parked and saw that the child was not breathing, had purple lips, and was cold.

The other friend then said she’d seen Jeising earlier in the day and that Jesing was worried because she saw fentanyl on the girl’s blanket. The friends followed Jeising toward Lahey Hospital. One friend said she saw her stop near Shaw’s, get out, and throw away a bag. That’s when the friend called 911.

Following the interview, Jeising was committed by a judge to Beverly Hospital for substance abuse treatment. She was arrested following her release. Magoon said outside court that she had been trying to get her daughter help for substance abuse since her teenage years, and first had her daughter committed for treatment when she was 18.

She said her daughter Lily Iorio struggles with substance abuse had led to prior involvement by DCF, who, she says, should have listened to her. “It’s not fair that everything is falling on my daughter,” Magoon said. “Everyone else walked away and left her alone with that baby.” She’s also angry with Lily’s father, who had left Jeising to care for the child.

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Emily Pauls

Essex District Attorney Paul Tucker’s office announced in a press release that Vanessa Jeising, 28, was charged Friday at Peabody District Court in connection to the death of her 2-year-old daughter

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