Six Flags Great America shooting: What happened, Motive Explained


Six Flags Great America shooting: What happened, Motive Explained

At Six Flags Great America in Illinois, three people were hurt in a shooting. Let’s see about the Six Flags Great America shooting, What happened and Motive in detail

Six Flags Great America shooting: EXPLAINED

The Six Flags Great America amusement park in Gurnee, Illinois, revealed that three individuals were hurt in a gunshot that occurred in the parking lot on Sunday night.

According to Rachel Kendziora, the park’s communication specialist, the rounds were fired from a single car, which then left “quickly” after the incident.

The moment help arrived, two persons were taken to the hospital by emergency personnel.

According to Kendziora, a third injured person was denied medical care.

According to Kendziora, “park security staff and officers from the nearby Gurnee Police Department Substation responded immediately.”

She stated that the Gurnee Police Department and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office were both in charge of the scene Sunday night.

According to CNN, there is “no evidence at this moment that it’s an active shooter,” said Lake County Deputy Chief Christopher Covelli.

In response to the incident, the park had to close early, according to Kendziora.

About one hour’s drive north of Chicago is the city of Gurnee.

When the shooting happened, Michael Pontrelli and his family were in the park.

Also, He told CNN that he had just exited the Superman ride when he saw people in bunches fleeing the gate.

My family and I hid between these two walls while waiting for clearance when we “then (saw a) swarm of parents moving their kids,” he said.

Police were escorting everyone out while charging in bearing arms.

Pontrelli’s videotape of the scene reveals a substantial police presence outside the park.

What happened to the victims?

GURNEE, Ill. (CBS 58) — Police confirm that three people were shot in the front entrance parking lot at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois.

The conditions of the victims are not yet known.

The shots were fired from a single vehicle, which then drove away “immediately” after the shooting, the park’s communication specialist Rachel Kendziora said.

There is “no indication it’s an active shooter at this time,” Lake County Deputy Chief Christopher Covelli told CNN.


Shooting at six flags wtf. The horror of the families and kids hiding in the bathroom with us. I hope nobody experiences this fear ever. Everybody I hope you are safe. #PrayTogether #sixflags #shooting

Who was the suspect?

The park had an early nighttime closing following the shooting.

Moreover, Pictures shared on social media showed police escorting sizable crowds of tourists, with some of them being led out of the theme park.

There was no indication the gunshot was an active shooter incident, according to the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, which confirmed it was supporting Gurnee police.

Officers from Vernon Hills, Waukegan, and North Chicago, three surrounding municipalities, also arrived at the site.

Investigations into the shooting are still ongoing.

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