Shelter in Place order near Widefield High School: What happened? Explained

Shelter in Place Widefield High School

On social media, EPSO confirmed that the response was in response to a shooting. People in the neighbourhood are being asked to stay indoors by EPSO, which is reporting local police enforcement activities. For their own safety, EPSO is requesting that households secure all of their windows and doors. A team from KRDO is on the scene gathering further details. Let’s see Shelter in Place Widefield High School.

What happens near Widefield High School?

A deputy was fatally shot while responding to a gunshot report on Sunday night, according to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office (EPSO). A community close to Ponderosa Drive and Grand Boulevard has received a shelter-in-place order from ESPO. The 33-year-old Hispanic man John Paz is wanted by the sheriff’s office on suspicion of being involved in the shooting.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, a news conference in the area is connected to a shooting. They are directing the media there.

Who died in the shot?

Sheriff Bill Elder of EPSO claims that SWAT member Andrew Peery died in the shooting. According to EPSO, he is a married father of two kids. Elder claims Paz allegedly engaged deputies in gunfire when Peery, another deputy, and a Fountain Police officer were responding to a report of shots fired.

Elder did not specify if any further people were hurt in the initial report of gunfire, but he did say that Paz’s picture will be made public by EPSO soon.

Outside of UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central, a procession for Dep. Perry is shown below.

Shelter in Place Widefield High School

After attending a shooting in Widefield, a deputy from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office was fatally wounded.

A shooting resulted in the death of Andrew Peery. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office said that.

Authorities have issued a shelter in place for a community near Widefield High School and are looking for a suspect.

What is shelter in place?

For a community close to Widefield High School, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department has issued a ” Shelter in Place ” order. This is at Grand Boulevard and Ponderosa Drive. People are urged to safeguard their residences and stay away from the area.


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