Rockhampton Murder: Who is Matthew Cox? Husband killed his wife and baby in a domestic violence dispute

Matthew Cox killed his wife and baby in a domestic violence dispute
Matthew Cox with his wife Tayla Cox and their baby daughter (Source: Facebook)


Following the discovery of a young mother and her infant inside a Rockhampton home during a welfare check, the husband Matthew Cox was charged with murder.

He is accused of two counts of murder (disorders involving domestic violence). According to the police, there is no prior history of domestic violence in the family’s interactions.

Any potential witnesses are being urged by police to come forward. The Rockhampton Murder is covered in the following information.

Rockhampton Murder: Explained

The mother and child’s remains were discovered inside a Rockhampton home, leading police to charge a 31-year-old male with two counts of murder. Tayla Cox, a resident in the area, has been recognized as the 30-year-old mother.

After a man working at Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley police station claimed said there were two dead persons there, police said they went to a Bean Street property in Park Avenue to check on the residents’ wellbeing just before 11 a.m. on Thursday.

An 11-week-old newborn girl and a 30-year-old woman were discovered at the house, according to the police. They both passed away.

The lady and child died two days earlier, on August 8, before the male took a flight to Brisbane later that day, according to the police’s early findings.

The Park Avenue house was right away labeled a crime scene. The individual was believed to have been staying at an apartment block on Constance Street in Fortitude Valley, where a second crime scene was formed.

At the airport in Rockhampton, a vehicle was also confiscated and brought away for forensic analysis. Two counts of murder have been brought against a 31-year-old Park Avenue man (domestic violence offenses).

Who is Matthew Cox?

Husband Matthew Cox charged with murder after young mum Tayla Cox and baby are discovered inside a house in Rockhampton during a welfare check.

On Friday, he is scheduled to appear before the Brisbane Magistrates Court. According to property records, Ms. Cox and Matthew Cox purchased the Bean St. property where the awful find was found in November of last year.

The mother and infant both have injuries to their bodies, Detective Superintendent Darrin Shadlow informed the reporters on Thursday.

He remarked, “I will admit that it was quite a confronting scene. “There was a lot of blood there.” The heir apparent had been informed, according to Superintendent Shadlow.

They are distraught, as you could anticipate, he said. It was incorrect, according to Superintendent Shadlow, to earlier allegations that gunfire had been fired at the residence.

If you or someone you know is impacted by sexual assault or domestic violence, call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit an emergency, call 000.

About Tayla Cox

According to The Courier Mail, Ms. Cox attended St. Ursula’s College Yeppoon and was born and raised in Rockhampton.

She worked as a repair coordinator for a construction firm in the Berserker neighborhood of Rockhampton. During their relationship, she and her spouse spent some time residing in Victoria.

After purchasing their Park Avenue property in November 2022, they relocated back to Rockhampton. Cox’s employment at a nearby radio station coincided with the relocation.

The couple had been living in Victoria before they bought their house in November 2022 and went back to Rockhampton. Cox made the move after landing a position at a nearby radio station.

Matthew Cox’s parents’ statement

Matthew Cox’s parents, Denis Cox, and Linda Lind, released a statement on Thursday saying the family was devastated,

“They had not only lost a beautiful daughter-in-law Tayla but also our much-loved granddaughter Murphy”. “At this stage, we have very few other details and are in an absolute state of shock,” the statement reads. “We ask that the media respect our privacy while we grieve and try and process what has occurred.” 

Ongoing Investigation

On Tuesday afternoon or evening, Superintendent Shadlow urged anyone who had seen or heard something in the vicinity of Bean Street and Park Avenue to call the police or Crime Stoppers.

He stated that inquiries were ongoing and that the Rockhampton house will likely remain a crime scene for some days. 

‘This a very difficult and confronting scene for police and emergency services and we will be working hard to determine exactly what has occurred,’ Queensland police said. Investigations are ongoing. 

People’s responses to this tragic event and prayers for the victims

Tayla Cox & 11-week-old baby

Rosie Carroll said,

This s..t will never stop. Not only a mother but a few-month-old lil baby. My god. I hope and pray he gets what he deserves. This is so sad. RIP MOTHER AND DAUGHTER, FLY HIGH ANGELS.

Bec Ross said,

absolutely piece of shit Rip to Mum and bub fly high with the angels my heart breaks for her family.

David Perriman said,

Should be an eye for an eye society doesn’t need a piece of shit like this to do this to such a beautiful girl and her baby. Anyone who knows her will know what a wonderful girl she was.

Diahann Lillia said,

Wtd is wrong with people these days?? I know men suffer PND as well but taking lives is a whole other level.

Mumma Jenz said,

Absolutely heartbreaking May they both rest in the arms of Jesus and I hope they give him the ultimate punishment, he does not deserve to be here.

Family and domestic violence support services

If you need help immediately call emergency services on triple-0


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