Omega Nankhuni, Malawian who was accused of scamming died by suicide


 Omega Nankhuni, Malawian who was accused of scamming died by suicide
Omega Nankhuni, a Malawian who was accused of scamming died by suicide (Facebook)


After going missing for several days, a Malawian businesswoman and socialite from South Bend, Indiana, commits suicide. Even though her passing has left her family and friends inconsolable over the loss of her bodily presence, they claimed they may find comfort in the knowledge that her lovely soul is now at peace. Let’s see what happened to her and why she took this decision in detail.

Omega Nankhuni died by suicide

It is confirmed that Omega Nankhuni is no longer alive. According to reports, she killed herself because she couldn’t stand the pressure from the people she owed money to. It is thought that she had collected more than 200 million Malawi Kwacha in donations from various sources.

Nankhuni’s sister wrote an emotional post about her death,

By Tonny Chirwa,

Be it as it may, your excruciating exiting out of this world has sent shockwaves to all and sundry. I will put together a few lines to eulogize your passing my dear sister.

Ever since your phone was turned off on Sunday it’s been a devilish past 36 hours. And this hell hole turned more somber when our worst fears were confirmed today after they found your lifeless body in your car.

As inexplicable as it is, only God had giveth and ultimately taketh. Consequential to your peculiar demise, conspiracy theorists and scandal mongers have gone to town to speculate and ridicule you my dear sister.

I will not attempt to condemn them or string along with them my dear sister. For judgment is the Lord’ But I will mourn you by telling the world the OC that was. For the avoidance of doubt, this comes from my interface and experiences with you and not third-party narratives.

She continued, You have lost and the family has lost. It is a sad day. May God replenish your losses. But until I know the full story about what really happened to her, allow me to mourn her demise and not condemn her because everything that has been said is really out of character.

Omega Nankhuni Missing news

Omega Nankhuni, one of the show’s organizers, is reportedly missing after stealing money from her clients in the United States of America. Patience Namadingo is a well-known music artist.

OmeCreations Cosmetics founder Nankhuni is thought to have vanished on Tuesday. It was announced on social media that Nankhuni was missing in South Bend, Indiana.

“She did not report to work, not home, and her phone has been off,” reads the message.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "SODOLO MISSING Cosmete melcs OCCO Malawians in Southbend. Indiana please help us find 'Omega Nankhuni who has been missing. She did not report to work, not home, and her phone has been off. fanyone has details on her whereabouts. +265 993 187 187"

According to reports, Nankhuni, who last year introduced the NGE lipstick, amassed sizable sums of money from her customers without ever providing the goods.

The clients are currently hunting for her hence the missing. Today, after this information became viral online, it was revealed that she committed suicide after going missing for days.

Nankhuni accused of scamming people out of K200 million

However, several Malawians have complained on social media that Nankhuni borrowed money from them and that they are having trouble getting their money back.

An American-based Malawian woman who claims to have been conned by Nankhuni posted on Facebook that since she initially brought up the subject, others have come forward with their own accounts, and the amount of money Nankhuni is alleged to have stolen exceeds US$200,000 (more than K200 million).

Another woman claims in an audio tape that has been making the rounds on social media that Nankhuni conned her out of US$5000 last week.

The woman claimed to have $5,000 and required it to be transferred to her Malawian account in local money because she was heading to Malawi from the US.

She received a call from Nankhuni who demanded the money a few minutes before she was scheduled to board her flight. The woman claimed that because she already knew Nankhuni to be a thief, she insisted that Nankhuni carry out the initial transaction.

Then Nankhuni emailed the woman an electronic payment slip as evidence that she had transferred K8.5 million to her account.

In exchange, the woman sent 5000 USD to Nankhuni. When she arrived in Ethiopia, she asked her nephew to check the Malawi account to see if any money had been received; however, the nephew reported that although it appeared like K8.5 million had been received, the money had been taken out of the account a short while earlier.

The woman believes that some bank employees are part of Nankhuni’s racket, which targets Malawians to steal from them under the guise of assisting them with money transfers.

“I serve as a prime example. She stole from me, and I can’t get to her phone. I don’t believe she is missing, though; I believe she is merely evading her creditors, the woman replied.

She further disclosed that Nankhuni had borrowed money from other Malawians living in the US, totaling US$25,000 (over K36 million) and US$40,000 (over K41 million).

Influencer Dorothy Shonga’s statement

One of the victims is social media star Dorothy Shonga. She has admitted that Nankhuni stole K24 million from her and is currently refusing to reimburse her.

The payment receipts Dorothy Shonga provided to Nankhuni from Standard Bank reveal that on July 13, K13.6 million, K9.7 million, and K1.4 million were transferred through her sister to Nankhuni’s National Bank account.

Dorothy Shonga’s payment receipt to Nankhuni
Dorothy Shonga’s payment receipt to Nankhuni


“Uyu mukamupeza mutiuze (Please let us know when she is found)” The POP receipts from my sister Pamera’s account to her account are related to the aforementioned amount, ife yathu ndi 24 million, Shonga wrote.

OmeCosmetics, which manufactures and sells beauty products, is owned by Nankhuni. She assisted in planning the recent US tour of artist Patience Namadingo.

Who was Omega Nankhuni?

Omega was born in Blantyre in 1974. Both her parents came from Chiradzulu. She was the last born [in a family] of nine children. That’s why I was named Omega from the Bible, meaning the end.

Academic and professional background

She attended Chitawira Primary School and Blantyre Girls Primary School before her secondary education at Malamulo Secondary School. Then she went to the Malawi Institute of Tourism (MIT) and studied hotel management. And then she worked as a chef at Lilongwe Hotel before joining Mulika Executive Club in Blantyre. Her dream was to become a head chef. 

Omega about her journey to the United States of America

In 1998, my brother and his wife invited me to the United States. While here everyone was talking about going to nursing school because nurses make good money. So, my interest in going back to hotel management school was gone. I enrolled in nursing school while selling Mary Kay skin products. I opened a cosmetic shop and my passion for makeup started there.

Omega about OC Cosmetics

I decided to change my career from nursing to make-up artistry. Then I went to Cosmix School of Make-up in Florida. I visualized myself owning a make-up line. I eventually did and decided to call it Omega Creation but then there are so many Omega products out there. So, I cut it short and called it OC Cosmetics. I wanted to use my name because I believe that my makeup line is the end – just like the meaning of my name.

Condolences were posted online following Omega Nankhuni’s unexpected death

It is unfair to accuse anyone, despite the difficult time her family and friends are going through. Let’s look at a few of her loved ones’ condolence posts on social media.

One person wrote,

Malawian South Bend(America) Based Business And Socialite Commits Suicide after missing for days. She is also the one behind Namadingo come to America concert. Depression Is REAL we have lost a great event organiser RIP💔

Spiwe Zulu wrote,

Omega Omecosmetics Nankhuni Mzimu wanu uwuse mumtendere Chemwali! MHSRIP!! This is so Heartbreaking news    Mental health is real, sometimes we all make mistakes. Sizimayenekera kuthera choncho! You were a wonderful Soul. Life gives us all lessons! Onse amene mwaluza makobidi pepani, we feel you! Only God knows!! May Her Soul Rest In Peace!

Another person wrote,

Rest in perfect peace Aunt Omega Omecosmetics Nankhuni…my brother Mêgå Trõn SC Please know that I’m thinking of you and your family during this difficult time..

Nyauhango Wakwa Kaunga wrote,

 It’s like am waking up from a very bad dream! Aunt Yellow Omega Omecosmetics Nankhuni! Gone too soon. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire family. Speechless! Tizazindikira bwino patsogolo! MHSRIP my dear sis!


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