Texarkana shooting: Who is Brandon Webb? Ex boyfriend assault woman before she fired a shot in Parking lot


_Who is Brandon Webb Ex boyfriend assault woman before she fired a shot

In Texarkana, a woman shoots a man in self-defense. Brandon Webb, Ex-boyfriend assaulted a woman before she fired a shot in the Parking lot. I was so glad she was able to protect herself & that she isn’t being charged with anything for doing so.

Investigations are still being done to determine the facts of the incident by Texarkana, Texas police. Here’s what we know everything about the incident and the suspect Brandon Webb.

Texarkana shooting: Who was Brandon Webb?

A shooting that occurred in the parking lot of Creekside Apartments at around 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday is being looked into by Texarkana, Texas police.

Police said that as a woman made her way to her car to leave for work, she saw Brandon Webb, her ex-boyfriend, waiting across the parking lot between two vehicles, probably for her to exit her apartment.

Before he could reach her, she attempted to get into her car, but he was able to reopen the door. She was being attacked while she sat in the driver’s seat when Webb remarked on her attire.


He started using a pair of electric clippers that he had brought over to try to shave her head while they struggled. The clippers caused her to suffer many cuts on her forehead and neck as a result.

She was still being attacked by Webb when she was able to take her pistol from her console and fire one shot at him. And, she thought it injured him because he fell numerous times while attempting to flee.

She dialed 911 right away. Firefighters in Texarkana, Texas, discovered Webb after he emerged from his cover in a patio that was sheltered behind an adjacent apartment building and began calling for assistance.

He was taken to Christus St. Michael Hospital after being shot once in the torso, where he had surgery to have the bullet removed. The injuries to Webb are not thought to be life-threatening.

The suspect was arrested for aggravated assault and stalking

Detective Alan Bailey concluded after a thorough investigation that Webb was the one who had started the fight and that the woman was only acting in self-defense.

He secured felony arrest warrants for him for aggravated assault and stalking. Along with the three felony probation revocation warrants he already had, he will be arrested for those warrants after he is discharged from the hospital in the coming days. The woman is not anticipated to face any charges.

Know more about Brandon Webb

In Feb 2019, Suspect Brandon Webb was arrested overnight for several charges after he fled from officers with his seven-year-old daughter in the car with him.

Officer Shawn Jacobs stopped Webb for a minor traffic violation at about 1:40 this morning in the Dollar General parking lot on New Boston Road.

He gave Jacobs a fake name, but the officer figured out pretty quickly that he was lying to him. Once he established his real name, Jacobs told him that he was under arrest.

However, Webb sped away across the parking lot and through a nearby field. Jacobs chose not to pursue Webb because he had his young daughter in the car with him and he knew who he was at that point.

Criminal charges against Brandon Webb

Officers located the car abandoned a few blocks away with neither Webb nor the child inside. About ten minutes later, Officer Misty Tyler saw the little girl running alone on Celeste Street.

She was crying and didn’t have any shoes or a coat. She’d been abandoned by her father in the middle of the night so he could run faster.

We then found Webb hiding inside a closet with one of his other kids in a house on Blanton Street. He was arrested without incident and taken to the Bi-State Jail.

He was charged with Abandoning a Child without Intent to Return, Evading Arrest, and Failure to Identify. A judge set his bond at $120,000 this morning.

Responses to this event from the public

Karley Marie Barron said,

Great for her!! so glad she’s okay!

Danielle Flow said,

Hell yeah. I’m so proud of her. Bless her heart, but man this makes me happy to see women fighting back. Praying for her because I can’t imagine the trauma.

Robert Lee said,

Bless her heart glad she was one of the “Lucky Ones” but can only imagine the trauma… Praying for her… Once again why was he not in prison should be the only question.

Ruby Boozer said,

Praying for her safety in the days ahead. People are unhinged and I hope he doesn’t come back for her.

Brinkley Pedron said,

So glad to hear that she is physically okay! 🙌 Prayers for her mentally as she tries to heal. — Out of curiosity is this the same Brandon Webb that was arrested not too long ago for fleeing?


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