R’Kayla Briggs Missing: What happened to the 11 year old? Everything we know so far

On Tuesday night in Georgia, an 11-year-old girl R’Kayla Briggs left her house without her family’s knowledge, packing her backpack and going out the back door. Let’s see what happened to the missing 11-year-old R’Kayla Briggs in detail.

R’Kayla Briggs Missing

According to the Clayton County Police Department, R’Kayla Briggs, who has been missing since she left her house on Tuesday, is still unheard of as of Thursday afternoon.

According to investigators, she slipped out the back door of her Mallard Drive residence at about 3:40 p.m. with a packed bag.

The name and age of the man she may be with are unknown, according to the authorities. They do not appear to be travelling to Texas as they were earlier inferred from the data.

The 11-year-old girl who disappeared with an adult man, according to the Clayton County Police Department, may still be in Georgia.

The police department wrote on their Facebook page on Thursday afternoon,

“We have multiple agencies and law enforcement partners working with us on this case. Information obtained indicates that she is not in Texas.”

“We still have reason to believe she is in the state of Georgia.”

R’Kayla Briggs’ parents informed Tom Jones of Channel 2 on Wednesday that they think their daughter is with a 22-year-old male.

The police department stated in a Facebook post on Thursday that

“information obtained indicates that she is not in Texas,”

despite the parents’ initial claims that they believed the two were travelling to Texas.

R’Kayla Briggs’ Parents statement

R’Kayla fled the house on Monday, according to her parents, and they fear for her safety. R’Kayla Briggs deactivated her social media accounts, and she is not returning calls.

Parent Kenicia Moss said,

“Bring her back. We are asking you to bring her back because we are not going to stop.”

According to her parents, R’Kayla was abducted by a 22-year-old man she met on Instagram.

Moss added,

“Parents, we encourage you. Check phones. Check internet. You never know.”


Additionally, investigators believed they might be travelling to Macon.

Police claim that “several external parties” have interfered with or interrupted their investigation.

The department added,

“We are asking the public to please allow law enforcement to handle the case.”

R’Kayla Briggs Description

Police have given the following description of Briggs:

4 feet-11 inches tall, 120 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes.

R’Kayla Briggs wore a grey tank top, a white, black, and grey hoodie, black tights, and blue pants when she was last seen.

Police Wrote,

“Based on the circumstances surrounding R’Kayla Briggs, we believe she may be in danger.”

Help the Investigation

Call the Clayton County Police Department at 770-477-3550 or dial 911 if you know where Briggs might be.

Child Grooming

The case of R’Kayla Brigg’s disappearance may serve as a reminder of how vulnerable kids are to the practice of grooming.

One of the ways predators groom young children is by providing a need in the youth, according to the Darkness to Light website, D2L, an organization dedicated to ending child sexual abuse.

Tricks used by perpetrators include delivering gifts, flattery, giving money, and providing for other necessities. The use of more love and affection for the targeted youngster may also be considered a tactic.

Grooming a child may appear on the surface to be a tight relationship between the guilty adult, the targeted youngster, and (perhaps) the child’s caregivers.


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