Raina thanked PM Narendra Modi’s Letter

Raina thanked PM Narendra Modi for congratulating him on his retirement from cricket. He accepts the Prime Minister’s letter with gratitude.

August 15, 2020 is Independence Day and an unforgettable day for Indian cricket fans. The day cricketers Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Suresh Raina, who have millions of fans, announced their retirement from international cricket.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Letter to Raina


Modi's letter to Suresh Raina


Prime Minister Modi had written separate letters of appreciation to the two announcing their retirement. Do not use the word Retirement in Modi’s letter to Raina as he mentions that you are still young and vibrant. He was not only the best batsman but also the most creative bowler and captain when the need arose. Noting that India will never forget Raina’s contribution to the quarterfinals against Australia during the 2011 World Cup, Prime Minister Modi wished them success in their second innings of life.

Raina thanked PM Narendra Modi in Twitter

Suresh Raina with Narendra Modi

Suresh Raina thanked the Prime Minister for the letter of appreciation. Raina, who posted a photo of himself with Prime Minister Modi on Twitter, eloquently said that there can be no greater recognition than the country’s love and admiration of the Prime Minister of the country. Raina said in her post that he accepts the Prime Minister’s letter with gratitude.



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